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Battle of the lip balms

At the moment I am going between two different lip balms which are completely different in every way so I thought I would compare them both for you. The lip balms I am talking about are Maybelline's Baby Lips in cherry me and Soap and Glory Smooch Operator lip butter balm.
The Soap and Glory lip balm I bought only last week is not what I expected. It is really small but I guess it is perfect size to take in your hand bag. It comes in a pot which I don't like as it isn't the most hygienic thing to use, I also feel like I get a lot of product on my finger but it doesn't transfer properly to my lips from my finger. It makes the tip of my finger smooth but doesn't do the same to my lips. I find that the lip balm is okay on normal lips but it doesn't do much for dry chapped lips as it doesn't moisturise my lips back to health.
Saying all this, the balm is nice to put on normal lips underneath lip sticks so that they glide on nicely.
My second lip balm is Maybelline's Baby lips which in comparison to the S&G product makes my lips feel great! The formula is really moisturising and leaves my lips feeling really smooth, plus it gives my lips a reddy tone and smells delicious! The only thing with this lip balm is because it is so rich you can't put lip sticks on straight afterwards, your lips are too moist to hold the colour and so don't come out properly.
I think it easy to see that Maybelline's Baby Lips won the contest but I will still be using the Soap and Glory lip balm to prepare my lips for lipsticks.
What do you guys think of these two products? :)
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