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January Top 5: Skincare and Haircare

The Hair care and skincare products that I have been loving this month are...

Vo5 shampoo and conditioner
This shampoo and conditioner does exactly what it says on the bottle, it makes my hair more nourishing, gives it more moisture and makes it look all round more healthy. My hair is a bit funny with shampoos and conditioners, if I use the same ones more than a few times in a row my hair goes weird and dry. I don't know why, my hair is just temperamental but I can use these shampoos and conditioners over and over again and my hair still looks healthy.

Argon Oil
When I come out of the shower or bath, I always use one pump of this oil in my hair to help keep it healthy. Plus it helps detangle my hair after the shower.

Natural Collection Mango and Papaya Body Scrub
I picked this scrub up on a whim really, I was buying another Boots natural collection product and there was a promotions so I picked this up. It smells amazing and because of the smell, it is really nice to use in the morning to make yourself feel fresh ready for the day. Plus the scrub isn't too harsh on my skin but still feels like it is rubbing away any dead skin.

Soap and Glory Body Milk
Firstly this moisturiser smell amazing! I want to eat myself after I've used it. Secondly it really works at hydrating your skin. It can be a bit greasy but because it is so good, I choose to look past that and just not used it in the mornings when I need to left the house soon.

Soap and Glory spray on moisturiser
This little spray is great for people like me who are too lazy to properly cream yourself every morning/evening. I try and keep up with it but I cant, sue me. This is great though because all you have to do is spray a squirts of this on your body and rub in, it moisturises your skin and makes it feel smooth and smell nice. Job done.

Do you have similar favourites to me?
What are your opinions on these products?
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