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Lip Favourites | Soap and Glory

I have been wearing these two Soap and Glory lip glosses non stop recently, they have not left my handbag once. I was going to put them in my February favourites post but I somehow forgot all about them when it came to writing it. Between lip glosses and lip sticks I tend to choose lipsticks more times than lip glosses just because I think they look better and last longer. These two lip glosses have changed my opinion though, they have converted me to the gloss side.
The sexy mother pucker lip gloss is really pigmented and looks really nice while the extreme plump gloss doesn't give my lips any colour but does make them look wet and shiny (in a good way because that doesn't sound appealing... Haha) and obviously makes them tingle (which feels funny but good) and look bigger. You won't start to look like Jordan though don't worry! 
I think these two are really good buys with the lipgloss being £9 and the plumping gloss being £10. They are worth the money definitely! 

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