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Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation

If you are looking for a good coverage matte mousse foundation then you need to look no further. I can't fault Rimmel for their foundations, this is my third foundation of theirs and like the previous ones, I am in love. Rimmel just know what they are doing and you can't go wrong in my opinion with these. I have their True Match and Wake Me Up foundations which are both great products. This new matte foundation have been very popular so far and I can see why.

It leaves a nice matte finish on your skin and gives good coverage if you are having a bad skin day. I purchased it in the shade Ivory which is my normal foundation shade but I like that this is a little bit more pigmented then my other foundations.

The colour blends out really well so it doesn't look caked on and a little pea size amount of product goes a very long way. When I first tried this out I put way too much on and so looked like some sort of orange/brown drag queen, but once I took it all off (what a waste) and then reapplied it I realised I only needed the tiniest amount to cover my entire face. The tube the product comes in is only thin but because you only need a small amount of product, the size of the tube makes no difference.

I've found that this lasts for most of the day on me, even on the days when I'm running around like a headless chicken at work so the staying power of this foundation is really good. Compared to my other Rimmel foundations I think it may even last longer then them.

This is my first mousse foundation that I have used and I can't decide whether I prefer it to normal liquid foundations or not. It gives more of a coverage then the liquid products and lasts longer but it does feels more heavy on your skin.

Overall Rimmel has definitely won me over again with their new matte foundation, it gives a good coverage and lasts my long days at work so it will definitely make its way into my imaginary everyday makeup bag.

What do you guys think of it? :)
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