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Beauty Haul | March


Soo I was a little naughty and went a bit crazy on my day off on Friday when I was in Boots. I then came home to my two orders off eBay which had been delivered that day, so Friday was a pretty good day shopping wise. I did essentially go into boots to get a few products that I needed to replace and just got side tracted by all the stands... I obviously have no will power. 

First of all I'll start with one of my eBay purchases, I have read quite a few good reviews on this fake tan by Lauren Goodger called Lauren's Way or LW and so I wanted to try it out. I looked on the actual website first but then I found it on eBay for £13.99 and it included a few tanning mit so I was smart and got it off eBay. I purchased the gradual tan in medium to dark (I'm curious, do they actually do any light to medium shades? As I haven't found any yet) and I was worried it might be too dark for me as I was quite pale before hand. I won't go into too much detail about the product as I'm going to write a post about it but I will say it is amazing. It is the best tan that I have ever used.

Next I picked up some hair products which caught my eye. First I picked up the L'Oreal Elnett Satin hairspray, I picked this up as I recently got some heated hair curlers as a early birthday present which are the best things ever, but I find that the curls don't last that long and when I use lots of normal hair spray my hair just turns really hard. So on recommendation from DizzyBrunette I got some of this spray to try out. Hopefully it will hold my curls without turning then into lethal weapons.

I also picked up the Schwarskopf Supersoft Volumising Hairspray to try. Because my hair is thick and long it tends to become either flat really easily or greasy because it keep playing with it through to day to pump it up. So I thought I'd try this spray to give it a bit of body and volume in the morning when I'm getting ready. I've tried it a few times already, so far so good. 

Then for the last of my hair products I picked up the VO5 Plump It Up Dry Backcombing spray. Recently I've been backcombing my hair more to give it volume so when I saw this I thought it was fate. My backcombing doesn't always last all day so hopefully paired with this it will. It also says that it gives the backcombing effect but without the mess and damage and we all know the feeling of trying to brush throught backcombed hair and cursing the person who invented that painful idea, so I'm excited to try it out and see if it gives the same effect as actually doing it.

My next few items are the boring ones, I needed to pick up some more Simple Kind To Eyes Nourishing eye makeup remover as my old pot ran out finally. This is one of the only eye make up remover that I trust completely on my eyes, as I have quite sensitive eyes and so don't like to use liquid make up removers on them. This cream gets the job done quick and easy.
Next I finally purchased some BioDerma on eBay for £9.99 for 250ml. I have been wanting to try that make up remover for months now but whenever people have said they have saw it in a shop, I woulda go into the shop and never find it so I just searched for it on eBay. I'm excited to see how good it actually is since everyone on YouTube and Bloglovin swear by it.
Next I picked up some cheap nail vanish remover pots in bodycare. These are the best invention around! I love painting my nails but never have the patience to remover it properly as I'm quite lazy so these little tubs that you put your finger into are so handy and they take off all nail vanish apart from glitter colours but they are a bugger to get off normally anyway. So I picked up two as I paint my nails a lot so I dry them out quite quickly.

Last but not least, make up. You can't go into Boots and not buy one piece of make up, I just happened to buy a few bits to many... I picked up...
Maybelline Fit Me foundation in shade 115 Ivory
I needed a new foundation as my Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation pumped for its last time that morning :( this is a sad moment... So I picked up this foundation which I have had my eye on for a while now, I have a feeling it may be a little too light for me especially now I have a tan but I'll write a post about it once I've used it.
Rimmel stay matte liquid mousse foundation 
This little tube is amazing. Again I will write a post about this foundation which I will upload later this week.
Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer 
I needed a new under eye concealer so picked up this one as I loved the foundation so much but I definitely picked up the wrong colour for under my eyes. There wasn't a wide range of shades so I ended up getting it in the shade Ivory but i definetly need it in the lighter shade. I will be using this on my blemishes more than my under eye area.
Olay total effects blemish care moisturiser
I noticed this moisturiser on the way out which is apparently good for blemish prone skin and my skin is very blemish prone at the moment so I picked it up to try. I'll review it after I've used off for a good amount of time.
Osiris Avise CC Cream in Tanned 
This CC Cream I find in one of them cheap toiletries shops for 99p and like I've said before I love trying out cheap random products as I have found some good products that way. So today on my day off I'll give this cream a go.
Maybelline the Rocket volume express Mascara 
On recommendation from a lot of people I picked up this mascara, I am seriously lacking in mascara lately so wanted to get one I knew was good.
W7 Flirty Eyes mascara and W7 Lashtastic mascara 
The wands on these mascara's are amazing and they were only £1.99 in the same shop I got the CC cream! Already I have fallen in love with them!

And lastly I repurchased my trusted VO5 Nourish me shine shampoo and Give me moisture conditioner again because I love them so much and they leave me hair feeling and looking so healthy.

And that is the end of my beauty haul
If any of you have tried any of the products tell me what you think of them.
For most of these I will write posts about how I got on with them for you :)
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  1. Love this post chels! :) I also definitely need to buy some more bits and bobs when pay day comes around so may try out some of these products too! :) xxxxxxx

    1. Thanks bash! You definitely need to try the Maybelline Fit Me foundation, I used it this morning and love it :) xxxx

  2. I really want to try out that fake tan! would be great to have a review on it:)


    1. I've only used it once but I would definitely recommend it, I'm planning to post a review on it next week once I've used it again :) xx


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