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Sunshine in a bottle

I am a very lazy tanner. I usually tan myself once, maybe two times once a year and than either forget to do it again and keep it up or can't be bothered to do it again and give up. Then I see photos of people with amazing tans and the cycle starts all over again...

Not any more!
STANDING DECLARATION: I promise myself that I will keep up with my tan and tan myself at least once a week. Now I don't want to turn into them girls who look like they have been rubbing dirt on their skin but I do want to have a nice summer glow.

I think I've found the perfect product to help me keep my promise. I have heard a few beauty gurus talking about this tan and all of them claimed that they didn't get any streaks when they used it, which is exactly what you want from a tan. So I looked around on eBay for the gradual tanner in medium to dark and I found one which was the same price as on the official Lauren Goodger website BUT you also got a free tanning mit so I choose to go with eBay. Here is the one I purchased.

I have used it a few times now and I do love it already. Lauren Goodger and her fellow Essex cast members are known for their ridiculously fake dark tans but to my surprise, the tan is subtle and you can use just a small amount of product to get a little glow on your skin. Obviously you can add more layers to build it up into a full on fake tan.

I used the free tanning mit both times and it did help my tan apply streak free and even. I did have a problem with some of the tan coming through one side of the mit which is just a fabric material and staining my hand but, I plan to wear a rubber glove under the tanning mit next time to avoid that problem.

The tan lasted a good week on my skin and that was just one thin layer so the staying power is really good. It did go patchy on my feet over the weekend when I went out in town from dancing in heels all night but I do believe most tans do that especially when you are dancing all night and get a bit sweaty (eww I know)

This may sound weird but I love the smell of fake tan, I don't know what it is about the smell but I love getting little wifs of it. This tan has the typical tan smell which isn't too strong or overpowering that the people around you would notice it and comment.

The best thing about this tan? It isn't messy to apply. I used to use St Moriz tanning mousse which used to go everywhere, on my side, on my floor, it was horrible! But with this gradual tanner it doesn't drip YAY.

Overall I think its fair to say that this is one of the best tanning products I have used, the product is easy to apply without mess and doesn't leave you streaky. I think it will last me a long time as I only need a small amount of product to make a different in my skin colour.

I would recommend it to everyone who reads this. If any of you have tried it tell me whether you like it as well :)

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