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Argon hair products | Are the legends true?

I was introduced to argon hair products a year and a half ago after my hair was slowing giving up on life. It was really dry and no matter what I did with it, it just look dead. I was going to cut the majority of it off until I found my holy grail in hair products. 

I do feel like I always like everything I write about so it seems like I'm easily pleased but I mean it when I say that these products really saved me. 

First of all, the hair oils;
The first argon product I purchased was the hair oil just from bodycare for maybe £2 something. I started putting it on the ends of my hair while it was wet and then blow drying my hair. I saw a difference in my hair imediently, I was amazed at how healthy and shiny my hair looked already after just one use. I'm not too sure way or how these works so well on hair but it is just amazing. I got the little sample size oil in my February Birchbox but I don't even need it. The bodycare oil has lasted me sooo sooo long it is ridiculous! 

Then I saw these shampoo and conditioner in just some cheap shop (it may have been bodycare again) and thought I may as well try them. Just like the oil, the shampoo and conditioner makes my hair look so healthy and shiny after I use it. When my hair is having a dull day I like to use this shampoo and conditioner to give my hair a bit of life again.  

One problem with using argon products is that it is very hard to style you hair after you've used them. Because the oil makes your hair so shiny and smooth, when you try to style your hair up or curl it, it doesn't last that long which can be really annoying. 

Apart from that one problem, I still love these products so much. Especially since even if one day you don't use the oil when you come out of the bath or shower, if you have used it that week your hair is still healthy. 

If you are considering cutting your hair because you think it is the only way to save it, I would recommend you try argon products first. You might as well try them considering they are only a few quid :) 
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