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Birthday Clothing Haul!

I booked some time off over my birthday to relax and prepare myself for the weekends antics and I somehow fell into some shops and my purse just happened to open up and fling my card into the card machine... over and over again... :D Here are all the goodies I picked up from various shops on my shopping spree.

Every angle I tried to take a photo of my clothes in didn't work so the photos aren't that great, sorry! Plus I'm rocking my favourite pair of comfy shorts from Primark with the tops, I wouldn't actually wear the shorts with the tops haha.

Starting with the tops I picked up this super cute green and white polka dot peplum top from Select. I only went into Select that day because my sister wanted to pick up some leggings when the colour of this top caught my eye. Its such a nice bright green that doesn't make you look like a giant boggey! Plus it is quite a thicker material so you feel like it kind of holds you in when your having a fat day. Best thing about it? It was only £8 in the sale, what a bargain!

The next top is a bright chiffon shirt with a really cute white collar. It reminds me of a candy cane or a referee and I love that about it. I think it will look really cute with a pair of high waisted jeans in the evening or during the day time. This again was only £8 from Primark so you can't go wrong.

The next item is probably my favourite out of all the ones I bought, me and my sister both clocked it in Select and fell in love. It ended up being buy 1 get the 2nd half price so it was fate. It is this lovely black lace kimono which I thought would be perfect for holiday or even during the summer in England over a bodycon dress. Since I got one of the kimonos half price I ended up only paying £6 for it which is amazing.

Now onto the skirts... all these skirts... I told you in my March favourites that my skirt collection grew an extensive amount during the last few weeks and I have a total of 5 new ones to show you now.

The first is a really smart zip up 'grandma style' check one which I thought would look good with a plain black cami or jumper and some black tights. It even has the outline for pockets on the front of it which I love, it would be even better if I could use the pockets because you know how much I love pockets. It was only £8 in the sale, I seem to be finding some nice items in Select recently, I find the shop is somewhere where one day you can find nothing nice at all but on another day you can find some real nice pieces.

The next is a simple style skirt as in it has the outline of pockets on the front and its quite smart. I found this in the 915 kids section in Newlook as I tried on the adults version earlier and felt it didn't fit me properly. Again I thought this would be cute with a little jumper on the top with black tights. I got it for £7.50 but that was with my discount.

The next skirt is sooooooo lush! It is a mint green checked pattern which has a bit of an A shape to it which I find really flattering. I thought I could pair this one with quite a few things to either match the mint green or clash with it. This one was from the 915 section again and was £4 with my discount.

This next skirt is so in right now. It is a black and white palm tree tube skirt. Think of all the possible outfits!!!! All I need is a bright coloured cami and my outfit for summer is sorted. This is from Newlook and was £4 with my discount.

Nearly there guys, keep reading...

My next skirt from Primark and it is a gem, its a tight black and white square wrap over with a longer piece of material at the front. Perfect for a night out and not too short that everyone and their grandma can see your bum but not too long it makes you look like a elf. At £9 it was a bargain!

Finally my last skirt is from H&M and it was probably my favourite. I have quite a few pleather skirts now and when I saw this one, I had to add it to my collection (even though I rarely wear the ones I haveThis is different to all my other ones though, it has pleats all around it with a zip and clasp at the back. I think I may look a little like a lamp shade in it because of its shape but I still love it.

I don't know where my skirt obsession has come from but I think I'm set for summer now with all my goodies! Hope you've enjoyed reading! :)
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