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The £2.50 Bargain!


I am a typical girl who loves buying new underwear and bra sets, it is like my weakness, and my favourite shop to get underwear from in is Newlook. But my favourite place to get bras is Primark. I find that their bras always fit me better than any other shop, it's not even like I'm an awkward size but most bras I try on are either too small a cup or too big a cup, I really need a cup size in between created. Primark do have their bras locked down for me.

Today I'm writing about their bargain £2.50 bras that you can't go wrong with. I mean come on, £2.50 for a bra is ridiculous! They fit really well (well on me anyway which never happens) and they are super comfy. They don't cut into you or leave you with marks where they have been. The company has made them in loads of different designs, not just plain Jane, un-sexy ones. They do have the standard plain black, white and skin colour bras but they also do a black lace design, a blue polka dot design, and my favourite - neon green and pink.  I mean look at the pink and green, they are just to die for! and they make me feel so girlie when I wear them AND they make me feel really tanned.

As you can see I went a big crazy on multiply trips over a week with my sister and got the bra in like every design they had that had my size...

These bras tick all the boxes for me and I really think you can't go wrong so go into a Primark and try them. Even if you buy one and you don't think its that good, its only £2.50 :)
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