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My Three New Years Resolutions for 2015


They always say the fewer new years resolutions you make, the more chance you have of actually keeping to them throughout the year, so I am giving myself only three new years resolutions for 2015.

Start saving more money each month for the future I plan to move out of my family home within the next few years if my certain circumstances don't change so I need to be prepared to pay for rent or a mortgage. I had quite a bit of money that I started saving when I was 16 but the majority of that was spent on my new car this year so I feel like I'm starting from scratch again here.

Spend less money on meals out and cook at home more I can easily be persuaded to go out for a meal instead of cooking myself, especially after a long day or if I am catching up with a friend. So this year I am limiting how often I can go out for meal and plan to start cooking new dishes myself so that I actually have something to cook people.

Plan more things to do when its warmer weather since probably about October i have been a sloth on the sofa on all my days off and a Kermit to the world. I would much rather go home to bed than actually go out into the world after work. So when it is warmer weather I plan to do more exciting things and see more people in my spare time, before they forget what I look like!

I'd love to know what some of your new years resolutions are for 2015, leave me links to your new years resolutions posts or tell me some in the comments :)xx

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