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Panda and checks

Excuse the mess but I'm currently living out a bag at my sisters and I hurriedly threw all the clothes that were in my travel bag on the floor to pack (making sure I had enough time to have a fashion shoot in front of the mirror of course!) 

I bought this dress in the USC (the company that took over Republic) sale online and it was  just £14.

I love wearing big baggy smock dresses at the minute, I think they suit my shape and always look good with some tights and a pair of big chunky boots. This one caught my eye because it is a navy blue check design which I haven't seen much of before. I also bought another smock dress that is black and white but that is saved for another post...

The material is quite thin so it hangs really nicely off the body and you don't have to worry about it losing shape. So far I haven't had a big problem with the dress creasing easily as well which is a really good thing, but it is super easy to iron anyway, a boy could even do it! 

I'm also wearing my really warm panda hat which my sister got me for christmas. I know that they don't conventionally go together but you have got to love animal hats when they look soooo cute on and I'm a sucker for anything super cute and with animals on :) 

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