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Love Heart Holders


I am always on the hunt for a bargain whether it be clothing, make up or home stuff. There is one shop that I know I will always find something I love in and that is B&M. I have bought loads of bits for my bedroom there and have bought loads of great presents for people.

On my last trip in there I found these love heart tin holders in different colours, all for 99p each! I couldn't quite believe it, they are so cute. I think they can either be using inside the house to hold stuff in or even in the garden to put flowers in. I currently have two of mine as make up brush holders and one as a hair brush holder.

I think they are great value and super cute to keep stuff in. I even bought my sister a set for her birthday because I know like me, she likes to collect make up brushes and these are perfect brush holders.

If you have never visited a B&M store I would definitely recommend that you visit your local store very soon! They are so good for finding cute home bits for such good prices. When I finally move out(turn wood) I am planning on making a dent in that store!

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  1. I would never ever think to go to B&M for something like these! I'm already thinking of all the different uses I could get out of these, I might end up have a sneaky trip down tomorrow to pick some up for myself.

    Beka. xo


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