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My Cute Fail | Valentines Weekend With Cal

Here is a photo of Cal walking along the embankment in Bedford :)

Cal and I agreed to not do anything big for Valentine's since his birthday was a week away and February would be a very expensive month. So we planned to just go out for a meal and then a chilled weekend.


The first fail of the night was that we left it too late to book a table at any of our favourite restaurants so I took it upon myself to cook Cal dinner to make it a bit more special then getting a take away. If you know me then you would know that the only things I can cook are pasta, spag bol and lasagne and that is only because they are my favourite dishes, so agreeing to cook something new for the first time is always going to end badly for me. 

I choose to cook chicken parmesan because both me and Cal love chicken, chicken chicken chicken. I thought it wouldn't be to hard and it looked delicious. 

I had to work all day on the Saturday so I only had the Friday night to pick up all the pieces I needed for the following night. I finished work at 6 and came straight home to start preping, long story short, my sauce that I needed to cover my chicken and spaghetti was too runny, it looked nothing like the photos haha. Cal still ate it like a good boyfriend so maybe it wasn't that bad but I didn't enjoy it.

For the rest of the night we watched a girlie film since it was valentines which was Beastly (which is good so go watch it) and then chilled in bed being lazy and watching crappy TV. 


The next morning Cal went out early to go play in a football match and like the good girlfriend I am... I bailed to stay in my big comfy warm bed hehe. By the time the game had finished and we were both washed and dressed we decided to go for a walk round a country park called Summer Leys. We both enjoy going for walks so that was the perfect Sunday for us. 

We went back to mine for a big roast courtesy of my mother and then had another chilled night in bed watching Too Gear which is now become a Sunday hobby of ours. 

We didn't have a very exciting Valentines weekend but it was just the way we liked it. Sometimes you just need a simple plan to enjoy days like these :) 

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  1. aww even though you didnt do anything fussy it still sounds like a lovely weekend:) id love it if youd comment back http://www.amyelizabethfashion.com/2015/02/dr-organic-bioactive-skincare.html xx


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