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Leather Owls

I am in love with this outfit.
I wore it recently shopping with my boyfriend and his two friends and even my boyfriend said that he liked it so you know when a boy says he likes an outfit, it must be nice.

The shirt I have previously shown you guys in my Recent Orders - Clothing and Make-up post but I haven't shown you it on before. It is a boyfriend styled baggy shirt which I love and I think I bought it in the size 12-14 because it was from china. I love the baggy fit of it and have wore it with black leggings and ripped jeans before. When I tuck shirts into skirts and such I do like to have a kind hang over as you call it so that my waist looks smaller so since it is a bigger fit I can easily tuck it into my tights so that the shirt doesn't move and still have my hang over.

I paired the shirt with my leather (or pleather) skirt from H&M that I purchased early last year. I haven't had to the chance to wear this skirt before because I think it a bit too out there for normal day to day wear, but for this day I just decided I wanted to make a effort with my appearance so brought it out to play. It is a perfect fit for my waist and I haven't seen another pleaded skirt like this in store since but they do have loads of different style of leather skirts so they are definitely worth a look.

I wore my favourite Newlook boots of the moment with the outfit which are currently sold out online so I wont tease you with a proper photo of them (mainly because I forgot to take a photo of them...).

Hope you enjoyed this little extra post :)
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