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A Few Holiday Purchases

During my quick Easter break in Barcelona I was amazed at the number of beauty/make up/body shops over there; to me it was heaven, to Cal it was hell. With so many shops I had to come back home with a few bits just because they were there.

The first item I was hunting round Barcelona for all weekend, I tried duty free at Luton and had no luck, I then went in every Sephora shop and still couldn't find it anywhere. It is the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Cream, which I wanted in the lotion form but it just wasn't anywhere in Spain apparently so I opted for the cream over the gel. It was on offer as well at 25 euros so bonus. I love the packaging of Clinique and previously has a smaller version of the lotion, so I'm sure I'll love the cream too and write a post after I've fallen in love with it.

Next is a Lush product which I wasn't expecting to pick up in Spain. Call me na├»ve but I didn't know Lush was that  big outside of the UK so this was a nice surprise to find. Although there are hundreds of Lush shops in England and I have one quite close to me, I still picked up this Lush Hottie Massage Bar as standing on the Metro how ever many times a day and walking miles were killing our backs and shoulders. We didn't use it over there in the end so I have it home now for next time our back decides to play up.

Next is another product I can easily get in the UK but it was only 12 euros over there when it is usually £12 in England and I have wanted to try this BB cream for a long while now so put it in my basket. It is the Body Shop All In One BB Cream in 01 which adapts to your natural skin tone. I have mixed feeling about this product right now, it is not at all what I expected and I definitely think I need to use it more to decide whether I like it or not.

Lastly, probably my favourite pick up is the Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream. Now yes I know this is everywhere in Boots... but they never have any light shades! I go in every Boots near me and its 'warm beige, cool beige, light beige, rose beige' maybe some people don't have beige skin?! Maybe some people have lighter skin... Anyway I picked up the Ivory shade and I have wore this everyday since coming back and I am in love. I am picking this over all my foundations at the moment and still getting the same coverage. I will do a detailed post for you guys as I cant rave about this product enough!

And those were the few bits that I picked up while away, most of our money was spent on presents and paying to get in places and see things. Hope you enjoyed guys :)
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