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My top 5 'Pick Me Up' Films

We've all been there where we've had a rough tough day that gets us down and ruins our mood, I personally like to cuddle under the covers with some pizza and a nice warm Callum. On them days where I can't nick him for cuddles, I like to snuggle in  bed with a good chick flick to help my mood. I have become obsessed with really girlie cheesey films lately (this might be my emotions telling me something) and I thought I would write a post on my favourite 'pick me up' films. 

Bridget Jones's Diary

Bridget Jones's Diary

Every women who was born in the 90s loves Bridget Jones and I'm sure most of these women will have made their daughters watch her too, I sure will be! I think her films are brilliant and no matter what is getting me down, these films always find a way to pick me up (probably because my life isn't usually as tragic as hers, but she does get to kiss Collin Firth and Huge Grant so who really is winning at life?). Bridget is a singleton living in London who is trying to find love in this big wide world and in her big huge control pants. She is hilarious and always makes me smile, plus her friends are even more hilarious!

Walking on Sunshine

Walking On Sunshine 

This film I will admit I am a little embarrass to claim I love but... I absolutely love love love it! It is ridiculously cheesey and full of 80s songs but I can't help reaching for it when I am in the mood to be cheered up. The lead male Giulio Berruti is a beautiful creature who I have fallen in love with (sorry Cal) and it also has Leona Lewis in who I have loved ever since she was on The X Factor. This plot is the ordinary - boy meets girl on holiday and fall in love, girl leaves boy to fly home and start uni, boy then gets engaged to girls sister 3 years later. How gutted would you be!  

About time

About Time 

This photo sums up this film perfectly with one word - cute. I love Rachel McAdams in every film she is in and I love her in a whole nother way after this film. The plot is about Tim who is a time traveler and the journey of his 'extra ordinary' life and his meetings with Mary. I love watching this film because firstly like i said, it is super cute and secondly it is relate-able and down to earth,  obviously not the time traveling bit but the love story and journey from young adult to actual grown up. 

The holiday

The Holiday 

This film is years old now and It still makes me so happy when I watch it. Even though it technically is a Christmas film, it never stays away during the rest of the year! Jude Law is a very handsome English gentleman in the film which I am all over and he has two little girls who are just how I want my kids to be. I love all four of the main actors in this film and found Jack Black such a cutie after watching it. It follows two women who swap houses over Christmas time to get away from their ex partners and surprise surprise they find love in the other women's house, standard love story really but I still love it!

Angus thongs and perfect snogging

Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging 

This is my favourite guilty pleasure film which makes me feel 15 again. Firstly, and most importantly, Aaron Johnson is a beautiful young man and I fancied him for a few years after watching him in this film. Georgia is a girl whos main mission in life is to make Robbie notice her as well as not turn into a lone like the rest of her family, as she calls them. This film is hilarious and has me covering my face half the time at the immaturity. 

If you have any good recommendations of super girlie chick flicks, leave them in a comment below! 
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  1. Epic blogpost!! I loved it! I think I have all those films except walking on sunshine which I plan on watching after your recommendation :-) I love love a good romantic comedy even when they are a bit cheesy. I’m so with you on Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging too. My fav film of all time is The Holiday and I love Jude Law in it. My recommendations for you are Wild Child, She’s The Man, Click, The Pursuit of Happiness, Bratz, Eat Love Pray, Crossroads, A Walk to Remember to name just a few. I’m a film nut so enjoyed reading your thoughts too :-) Helen xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog

    1. Walking on sunshine is really cheesy but you will still love it so definitely watch it! Thank you :) I have wild child and shes the man already and love them! Great choices! I'll definitely check the rest out thanks :) xx


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