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My First Taste Of Dewy...

I have never been one for a dewy skin finish before, most of my foundations are matte and I was content with that. For a long time I have wanted to try a dewy foundation  but I didn't know if it would even suit my skin type. I have quite dry skin and I thought a dewy foundation and dry skin wouldn't be a good match.

After having a inner fight with myself at my local Boots I finally picked up a dewy foundation that I have had my eye on for months. Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum has been raved about by nearly 90% (Im just guessing the percentage is that high) of beauty bloggers and vloggers including my fav lady Corrie aka Dizzy Brunette.  Everyone has said that the finish of this foundation is amazing and gives your skin a lovely glow and I wanted that glow.

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So I bought it in the shade 52 Vanilla and gave it a whirl. Firstly, the shade I feel is spot on for me which was something I was really worried about. All the shades looked quite pale and off skin colour but once it is on, it is perfect for the skin.

Secondly, it is definitely a low coverage foundation so I wont be using this when I am having a bad skin week. The up side to this is that I feel like I am not wearing anything at all when I have it on because it is so light weight. I wouldn't particularly wear this foundation on a night out but it is good to wear during the day when you want a little bit of coverage and to look like you have a healthy natural glow.

Thirdly, the bottle states that the foundation lasts for 16 hours which I can agree with but I also challenge. I can definitely still feel the foundation on my face in the late afternoon/evenings but I have felt most of the time that by the end of the day my face could look shinny and a little bit sweaty. Although my face isn't sweaty - I promise- the foundation does tend to leave my face looking it. I am used to wearing matter foundations everyday so that might be why I am indecisive on this kind of finish and see it more as sweaty then as dewy.

I plan to keep using this foundation to get more of an idea on whether I do like the finish or whether I am more of a matte kind of girl. At the time being I would say I am a fan of the foundation as a whole but I don't know whether I would repurchase it at £10.99 but I am intrigued to try out the Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation to see whether that formula is more my cup of tea. When I do buy it I might do a little comparison on the foundation and the serum, because I would want to read that if I wanted to try out one of these foundations.
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  1. I really want to try this foundation, i've heard such a lot about it x


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