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A Few Forgotten Gems

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I was shopping my stash recently and I have found a bundle of products that haven't seen the light of day in months now. My collection has boomed lately so it has been hard seeing every product that I have and finding time to use every single product. I recently sorted through my draws and condensed my makeup down from four to two draws which is really good for me. Here a few products that I have kept in my stash and need to try and show some more love to them.

I purchased this Next Palette so long ago now in a next store when I went in to find some funny presents for my family at Christmas. I have never tried Next makeup before so I was really intrigued as all these colours are gorgeous and it was only £10.  I can honestly say I have used this palette once since I got it which I am really sad about. The pigmentation of the colours are really vibrant but you do need to really work your brush to get the product. It is the kind of shadows where if you rub your finger into the product you get a lot of product but when you rub your brush in it, you don't get a lot of product off the brush. It isn't too much of a problem as I quite like using my fingers to apply eye shadow sometimes.

My next forgotten gem is the Bodyshop Shimmer Cubes Palette in 30. My friend bought me these for Christmas last year and I absolutely loved them! I used them for quite a few weeks but since then they haven't really been opened. The pigmentation of these is really good and I like to use these when I want some extra shimmer on top of another shadow or in the crease to give my look a little something. The cube includes the shades Dusty Fawn. Warm Copper, Burnished Gold and Rich Expresso and they are all shades I really love, especially Dusty Fawn as a highlighter! I really need to whip this out more often.

dior, next, beauty, makeup, bodyshop, benefit, erase paste, hello flawless foundation, addict, fluid stick,

I have included the Benefit Erase Paste in blog post before and really liked how it worked on my posts and blemishes but recently I have fell back in love with my Collection concealer and every other product has been forgotten. I have this concealer in number 1 Fair but I could still use something a little bit lighter as it is quite a orangey shade which obviously isn't good when you haven't got a tan. I have a sort of tan at the moment so I am going to pop this in my makeup bag and use it on some pesky spots that keep appearing on my chin.

Another Benefit product I have only used once is a sample size of the Hello Flawless foundation in the shade Honey. I got this in a Benefit box set and the women in boots colour matched me to the Honey box so that is the shade I got, once I was home I realised she must have needed glasses as it was so dark on me! Even with a tan I am still not the right shade for the foundation so that pot is a lost cause, I am hoping if I mix it with a really pale foundation I can find a shade that will suit me. Wish me luck on that one!

Lastly I have had my Dior Addict Fluid Stick in the shade 754 Pandore in my collection for years and I have only used it a hand full of times. It is am amazing product, with an impressive duration, in beautiful packaging and in the most vibrant colour but I don't really wear it. The colour is so vibrant it can't be worn on a day to day basis as it is too in your face (for me anyway). This is definitely more of a night out product with its bright red colour but when was the last time I went out and got dolled up? I don't even remember.
I have been promoted at my old job in my home town and will be starting back there in two weeks so I am hoping when I was not doing 10 hours days and getting up stupidly early to drive to work for 6 or 7 that I will have more energy and be more willing to go out again. I have been such a hedgehog recently in the sense that I have hibernated for most of the last 3 months. I even fell asleep when I had couples round my house for date night because I was that tired from travelling to and from my current job so coming back home is going to feel like heaven!

Anyway enough of my ramble, hopefully I find some time or occassion to wear these products otherwise they might be in my 'forgotten gems' post next year! Hopefully not!
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