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Top 3 Palettes In My Collection

I have gone a little crazy for eye shadow palettes this last year and most days now I wear eye shadow which is a stark contrast to previous years when I didn't even know what eye shadow was. Recently I have felt naked without something on my eyes and in my collection I have three palettes which I can't put down. None of these will be a big surprise to any of you as these are all pretty popular products on the scene, although that may be an understatement for the last palette!

As you can see from the photo this palette has really been shown some love since it was purchased. For just £10 you get 3 matte and 9 shimmer shades which are so easy to wear and blend like a dream. I was really surprised by the quality of this palette when I first tried it as the quality of the product is really good. The shadows are quite buttery so blend really easily and the colour pay off is so good for price. Apart from the last 2 shades (sorry dark purples) I wear most of these shades on a daily basis and two shades have been hacked at as they are so beautiful. The three matte shades are perfect colours to work as bases for the rest of the shimmer shades and you can create some really pretty looks with this palette. When I use this palette my eye shadows lasts all day on my lids, I usually use a Maybelline colour tattoo as a base primer to make sure it lasts me till bedtime. 

Once I knew the quality of W7 eye shadows were up there with some of the best, I invested in another palette when I came across one. This palette is perfect for smokey and glitter party looks, just like the previous palette the pay off and quality of the eye shadows is amazing for the price. I couldn't find this palette on the W7 website so I am unsure whether it has been discontinued or something? But I did find it on the Argos website of all places at half price so it is a right steal. The gold shades in this palette are beautiful and range from an intense dark gold to a subtle shimmer which could easily be used as a highlighter. Apart from the last black shade (I'm sorry but dark colour aren't for me) I love all the shades in the palette and enjoy playing around with it. 

You may notice but this palette is exactly like the W7 palette I've just talked about, the W7 palette is a dupe for this gorgeous palette which is a steal at the current price, but there is nothing like having the original. If you can afford to buy these palettes then definitely go out and buy one because they are amazing. If you can't then the w7 palettes are great substitutes, they aren't as good as Urban Decay but they definitely are a good dupe.  The quality of the Urban Decay shadows are just amazing, there is no other words to use. They are so pigmented, blend so easily and last all day with or without a primer. This palette really packs a punch with its colours and glitter and YDK is my all time favourite shadow of all time. 

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  1. I too am obsessed with eye shadows pallets recently.
    good to know how great these are, I'll check them out :)

    xo Honey - Royal Lifestyle


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