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PS... Eye Shadow Palettes

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I have got a lot of things in Primark over the years but if you told me I would purchase and really like their brand of makeup I would not have believed you. I am not a snob when it comes to makeup at all, drugstore brands are my baes for life and Newlook makeup is just incredible but Primark, I was sceptical  about.

I was feeling adventurous one day when I was in Primark with my sister so decided to try two of their eye shadow palette for £2.99 each. First of all that is ridiculously cheap! I did think even if the product wasn't any good It isn't like i've wasted much money. You get 9 shades in the palettes which is a great number and I picked up two palettes. A neutral brown selection and a more pink and purple selection which I thought I could have a little play with one day.
eye shadow, palettes, primark, review, beauty, makeup, nudes, pinks, the girl gang, blogging gals,

Both Palettes have a base colour in the selection which I like as recently I have been using base colours. I find all the shades I have tried so far are really creamy, more creamy then I expected to be perfectly honest so that was a good surprise. They aren't ridiculously pigmented with one swipe like the Naked Palettes but I find they are really easy to build up and make dramatic.

The nude palette is perfect for creating a everyday smokey eye and would be great for beginners who want to play around with makeup since it wouldn't matter about wasting the product on practice runs. And for people like me who only really wear smokey eye colours, spending £2.99 on a palette with different colours then what I'm used to is an absolute bargain. I am very careful not to waste money on expensive makeup which I don't know whether I would like or get use out off.

The packaging is very much copying Mac but that definitely works in their favor as younger girls (and boys) who can't afford a Mac palette can purchase this instead. Obviously the product isn't the same but this palette is a good item to hold you over until you can purchase the expensive version. It is also a great size for traveling.

Since buying these I have found that most days this last week I have used the brown palette because it is really quick and easy to blend out and go. I even got complimented on my eye makeup at work and that has never happened when I have wore Mac or Urban Decay before. That makes it a winner for me!

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  1. Wow these look gorgeous! They really do look like the MAC times 9 palettes x



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