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January Favourites | 17

It feels crazy to be writing my January Favourites already when it feels like just yesterday I was writing my yearly favourites for 2016. It is scary how fast the first month of this year has gone by but it excites me so much because that means I can move into my new home sooner! Oh yeah I haven't told you that I have been accepted for a mortgage with Cal for our first home! I am beyond excited but anyway on with favourites.

A friend of mine gave me a sample of the Mac's Prep and Prime Skin Base to try this month and I haven't used anything else since trying it. This has become my favourite ever skin primer and it makes me quite sad that my new favourite product is a £23 primer but it is worth it. It leaves my skin super smooth, super healthy and glistening with sparkles which you might think isn't what you want on a day to day basis but it works. It works more like a moisturiser than a primer which is why it works so good everyday.

It is very hard for me to change up my skincare routine as I am a creature of habit but the Lush Gergous Moisturiser has stolen my heart. This again is a little pot Callum got me for Christmas to try out and it become part of my daily routine. A little goes a long way with this moisturiser so even though it is a tiny pot it has lastly me longer than I would have imagined. It leaves my skin quite tacky which makes it great for wearing under makeup to help it last all day, this moisturiser plus the Mac primer is the perfect combo underneath makeup.

A base product that I have been wearing none stop during January is the Bourjois City Radiance Foundation in Vanilla. At first I wasn't a fan of this foundation but it wasn't until I sprayed my beauty sponge with Newlook Fix Makeup Setting Spray that I really started liking the finish of this foundation. This foundation gives me a lovely healthy glow when I wear it which I have fell in love with, I usually go for matte foundation for everyday but this has changed my opinion of dewy/healthy formulas.  It also lasts all day on my skin while I'm at work so its duration is amazing. I also can't use my beauty blender without spraying it with Newlook's Fix Spray as it gives the best finish with all my favourite foundations.

I have been loving the Revolution Ultra Bronzer this month which has been in my stash for years now but I only fell in love with it recently. First of all the pan is huge, this product is going to last me for even more years. Secondly this shade which annoyingly has no name looks good on any skin tone. I can be tanned or as white as a ghost and the colour still suits me.

I've mentioned the Pippa Palette by Blank Canvas Cosmetics before in a post about it here and it is in my favourites for the month too because I have been wearing it non stop. The palette has everything you need in it including a bronzer, blush, highlight and eye shadows. If you want to know more about it then read my post about it here.

My last make up favourites are the Newlook Matte Velvet Lipstick in the shades Toffee Apple and Heather. I have spoken about these before in my Newlook Makeup Haul post and I still love two months later. They don't dry out my lips at all and the colour lasts all day if I don't eat but if I do, they re-apply non patchy and no crust in sight.

I have three random favourites for the month too and the first are my two new harry potter books that I got for Christmas. I read Fantastic Beast and Where To Find Them first and absolutely loved it, I loved the story, the cover, the characters and surprisingly I loved reading it as a screenplay. Couldn't recommend this book enough. I then read Harry Potter and The Cursed Child and I didn't enjoy it as much as the first seven Harry Potter books to be completely honest. Don't hate me hardcore HP fans but I am just a lover of the old school books.

Lastly I have been obsessed with Gossip Girl since Christmas and am currently starting series three. I used to watch it while I was at school but I can't remember half the stuff that actually happened. I know who Gossip Girl is but I'm enjoying going through it all again.

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  1. Great favourites! Gossip Girl is one of my all time favourite shows ever! Enjoy watching it again :)

    Nicole | The Glam Surge


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