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My Four Favourite Eyeshadow Palettes

I recently decluttered my eyeshadow palettes collection in preparation for the big move ekkk (house tour coming very soon if you are interested?) and by doing so I realised I have four main palettes that I couldn't live without so I decided they deserved a post.

The first palette is the Seventeen Easy On The Eye palette in Birthday Suit, it is such a good size and it includes 12 shadows which makes it great for travelling and creating different looks. It includes 3 cream shades, one cream base and 8 powder shades which all work really well together. I tend to use one of the cream shades as a base and then layer the power shades on top and it lasts all day on me. I find the shades are really easy to blend as they are really buttery so when I have no energy I can still create a good look.

My next palette is the Revolution Salvation Palette in What Are You Waiting For which I have had for a few years now but I love it so much I can't get rid of it. It includes 6 matte shades and 12 shimmer shades which all really compliment each other and you can make quite a few looks with them. I find all Revolution palettes are super pigmented and feel so buttery to apply, you can create looks really quick and easy in a rush in the morning. I especially like that the palette ranges from pale nude shades to a jet black and shimmer black so you really can create any look.

I had to include the cult classic Urban Decay Naked 2 palette in this post because how could I not?! I love using this palette for nights out and party makeup because it always works and the shades are so pretty. I love golden shimmer shades and this palette is full of them which is like heaven to me. This palette also includes a black so if I want to do a smokey eye, I have all I need. Surprisingly as well I really like the brush that comes with the palette, I usually throw away them brushes straight away but I use that brush every time I use that palette, it makes blending so easy.

My last palette is the W7 In The Nude palette which is an amazing dupe for the Naked 3 palette and it has been a favorite of mine for a few years now. It is full of blush tones which work really well in the spring time. It includes 3 matte shades and 9 shimmer shades which again all compliment each other really well and the pigmentation of the palette is on par with the Naked 3 palette if I am being honest.

I don't think you need to splash out loads of money to get a good quality eyeshadow palette as the drugstore has some amazing products, as you can see three out of my four favourite palettes are drugstore.
 What palettes would you include in your top four?
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  1. I knew there would be an UD palette somewhere here :D there's not one blogger (except me and I'm proud of it haha) that doesn't own one of those.
    I would most probably go for the Makeup Revolution one cause they're really affordable and I already have one and I love it.

    xo Honey - blog Royal Lifestyle - Twitter - Instagram


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