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My 2017 Beauty Dupes (So Far)

My 2017 Beauty Dupes (So Far)

I am such a drugstore girl through and through and when I can find drugstore dupe of an expensive product you know it will probably be in my bag! Why spend loads of money on one product when you can get a cheaper product which is most of the time as good. Obviously some dupes are just plain rubbish but these beauties are definitely worth the dupe title.

The first dupe is a product I have spoken about quite a few before on my blog and I think it works just as good as the product it is a dupe for. The Newlook Fix Make Up Setting Spray is only £4.99 and I use it on my makeup sponges and brushes and on my face after I have finished my makeup. I find it really easy to use and can really see a difference when I do use it. The Mac Prep and Prime Fix spray is £18 a bottle which is smaller than the Newlook bottle so for £5 I recommend you all to give it a go!

Moving on to my favourite beauty tool ever!! I have been using the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge for months now I don't even remember the last time I used a brush! I find them so much easy to blend in foundation and cream products so I have a total of 4 in my collection. For £5.99 each or two for £10 in Superdrug you really can't go wrong! Especially since the Beauty Blender is around £16.

My last dupe is a product I have spoken about so many times before! You all know I love Newlook makeup anyway but their Velvet Matte Lip crayons are one of my favourite products in my collection. I have 4 shades in my own collection and I am waiting for the new range to be brought out! I think paying £4.99 on these lip crayons is so much more better then paying £20 for the Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencils. I'm not saying I wouldn't go out and buy the Nars versions but I think i'd rather buy 4 for the price of 1 first.

I'm starting to branch out again with my makeup and try new things again so hopefully I will have more products to add to this list in a few months. I love finding dupes for expensive products because usually the dupe products are much easier to get hold of then the expensive products.
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