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5 Things I've Learned Since Moving Out

Things I've Learned Since Moving Out

Since I moved out with my fiance in May I have learned a lot of things about myself, us and the whole process in general. Although I sometimes feel like I am talking about my house non stop on my blog... I'm bringing you another post!

Since this is my first time living away from home I had a lot to learn!

1. I can actually cook, who knew it!
I have never been an fantastic cook at home because I never needed to be, i'll be honest I was a pampered princess and loved it. So since moving out and having to cook for Cal and I, I am actually a pretty good cook! Our favourite is Toad in the hole which isn't very technical but super tasty! I've also recently been making butter and herb new potatoes which taste amazing!!

2. House pride is an actual thing
I used to make fun of my sister who would spend all her spare time cleaning and tidying her house even though no one was coming round. I have got the disease now, especially with my kitchen! It might be because it were we eat and prepare our food, it might also be because my kitchen is at the front of the house so when people walk past they can see through the window. I don't know but the kitchen has to be perfect.

3. You have to compromise when you live with someone 
Cal and I are quite lucky that we have the same taste with most things so choosing decor for the house isn't too much of a challenge but I have learned you can't always get what you want. Which is fine because i'm a grown up and I don't have to have my own way... all the time!

4. It is super fun to play house 
I don't know about you but I used to play house when I was younger and pretend my barbies were families with a big house and a car and babies and now I don't have to pretend! Apart from the babies I have everything I pretended my barbies had and it is so fun. Inviting our friends round and doing dinner and drinks makes us feel really grown up and cool! And then we have to tidy and clean up and the fun stops!

5. I do actually miss home 
I have never been a real home sick person before I loved staying over at new places but since leaving my childhood home permanently I've realised how comfortable I felt there which is something I haven't felt yet here. Whenever I go home and visit my parents I instantly feel relaxed and comfortable as soon as I enter the house and could fall asleep at any moment because i'm so comfy. Hopefully soon my house will feel like that!
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