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Drugstore Liquid Lipsticks Collection

Drugstore Liquid Lipsticks Collection

I have collected quite a few liquid lipsticks in the last few months since they become the new thing and after trying one and two from NYX I just wanted to have them all. I have the products from three different brands and as you can tell I definitely have my favourites.

The first brand I tried was Collection and their Velvet Kiss Lip Creams are only £2.99 which is a right bargain- which is why I bought four... I have the shades Caramel 2 which is a brown nude, Cotton Candy 1 which is a pink nude and then I bought two of the darker shades in Mulberry 5 and Blackberry 6 which are nice autumnal shades. The colours are really lovely but I find that the darker shades do come out quite patchy, they also dry my lips out to hell which makes them quite uncomfortable to wear on the lips. I thought it might just be my lips which were making them uncomfortable since I have the driest lips on earth but even my sister found they dried out her lips so I can't tell you how long this products last as I have taken it off every time I have applied it because it was uncomfortable. Sadly I don't think I will get much wear out of this creams.

I also purchased three Bodyshop Matte Lip Liquid in the shades Windsor Rose 032 which is a brown nude, Crete Carnation 030 which is is pink nude and Tahiti Hibiscus 016 which is a vibrant pink-red shade. I find that all the brands do very similar colours which means I end up with a lot of the same colours in my collection but I don't mind having 10 different nudes. The Bodyshop Lip Liquids are £6 each which isn't a too bad price considering you get more product then in the other packaging. Unlike the Collection Liquid Lipsticks I find the Bodyshop products tend to be a little bit  patchy in the lighter shades rather than the darker shades especially the brown nude so I do use two layers when I wear that shade just to make sure I have a even colour. Tahiti Hibiscus is the perfect pink-red shade for the a night out when you want your lips to last all night and the consistency of it is amazing, I do find that it lasts longer on my lips then my two nudes shades as well. I find this shade is least drying out of the three as well so where as the nude shows up any lines or dry patches on your lips, Hibiscus glosses over like a lip gloss and dries comfortably and leaves your lips with a subtle sheen. Can you tell how much I love this shade?! There is one down side to this shade, the product takes a while to dry on the lips so you have to be careful not to touch anything before they dry, otherwise you get the colour everywhere. It also comes off when you eat in the middle of your lips which isn't ideal.

My favourite brand for liquid lipsticks so far is definitely everyone's favourite NYX, I jumped on the bang wagon and have been in love with the brand every since. I have three shades in their Soft Matte Lip Creams and I am planning on increasing that number in the next few months but it is hard to know which shades to get, I do feel like I buy the same shades all the time (you can tell just by looking at all these liquid lipsticks!). I currently have in my collection Abu Dhabi which is brown nude, Cannes which is a pink/dark brown nude and San Paulo which is a bright pink/red similar to Tahiti Hibiscus but a little lighter. I find myself reaching for these lipsticks the most because the pigmentation of all the shades is amazing and the product is so buttery it applies so easily. Whether my lips are having a dry day or they are feeling pretty normal these lipsticks sit tight all day and only need reapplying when I have eaten. The thing I love most about this lipsticks is that they are so creamy they apply really well so I don't end up with any patches and it doesn't look like I am wearing anything on my lips. Where as with the Bodyshop lipsticks they can accentuate the lines on your lips and make it obvious you have product on them, the NYX lipsticks don't do this.
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  1. The NYX Soft Matte Cremes are amazing, I have Zurich and Ibiza and I just love the formula! I agree with the bodyshop ones, I have one of the darker ones and think you have to wear a lipliner underneath as they can be patchy! xx


  2. You have such a gorgeous collection! I love the NYX soft matte lip creams they have a really great formula!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush


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