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Getting Lippy with Tanya Burr

Getting Lippy with Tanya Burr

Following on from my post about some of my favourites Tanya Burr products from her previous collections I have collected all her lip products that I currently own to take you through the good and the great (no duds so far thank god)

In my collection I have two lip glosses and three matte liquid lipsticks which are definitely my favourite out of the two. The first lip gloss I have is a mini 5ml of her Afternoon Tea shade which I am pretty sure I got in one of her gift set boxes which is why it's a mini. It is a great natural shade which you can wear with any makeup look and I like to wear this more on no makeup days when my lips need something to protect them from the elements outside but it would feel OTT to wear any lip colour. Its a great little piece to throw in your bag because it is such a good size and if I ever need to refresh my makeup on the go I have this to hand.

My second lip gloss is a full sized 7.5ml of Lunch Date which was the first lip product from Tanya Burr that I tried. Compared to Afternoon Tea this shade is a less shinny nude which is really natural and great for the day time. Out of the two of the shades I tend to reach for Lunch Date more often just because it has that hint of nude in it and you all know how much I love anything nude.

Getting Lippy with Tanya Burr
Bottom to Top: Afternoon Tea, Santa's Little Helper, Blackberry Fudge, Lunch Date & Martha Moo
Now onto the big boys... the matte lipsticks!! 

I have a lot of matte liquid lipsticks in my makeup collection and I reach for the Tanya Burr formulas as often as I reach for my all time favourites Nyx soft matte lip creams so they get a gold star from me. Starting off with Martha Moo - the formula of this shade is sooooo good, with liquid lipsticks you need something that packs a lot of colour and the Tanya Burr formulas definitely do. Martha Moo is a rich nude shade which you can see in the swatches applies really evenly. Once it has dried down I find the formula last hours on my lips and just needs to be re applied when I have eaten. My only disappointment with the product is the packaging because the applicator is huge and makes it hard to apply the lipstick without lining my lips before hand.

The last two matte liquid lipsticks I received as a Christmas presents in the Sweet Lip Creams Christmas Set. It included two lip sticks in the shades Santa Little Helper and Blackberry Fudge which are both perfect shades for autumn winter time and Christmas. Like Martha Moo they are both super pigmented and once dried are really bold colours. Their staying power is impressive for such bright colours and only need to be reapplied once I've eaten. I wore Santa's Little Helper all over Christmas and New years because it is such a festive red. I don't have many dark purple shades in my collection so Blackberry Fudge is a welcome addition. They are both 5ml minis so once I have used them up I hope she will come out with more matte lip sticks in similar shades.

I am looking to expand my collection of Tanya Burr lip products since I have been really impressed with all the products I have purchased so far. I usually wait until a new collection is released because I know Tanya will post a make up tutorial using the products and I usually pick my favourites from her videos before I go out and buy them. If you haven't tried any of Tanya's products then get on her website and shop shop shop! 

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