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Chelsea in 5 years time

Little disclaimer: this post is quite heavy so go make a cup of tea and get comfy..

As you all may know I recently turned 20 (que the violins...) and turning this big age made me think about my life and where I want to be by the time I turn 25. To most of you, you may be thinking *your 20 for god sake your still young!* but I am one of them people who wants to get their life in order as soon as possible, so no longer being a teenager is scary.

One thing I definitely want to have by the time I'm 25 is my own family of some sorts, a long term partner, a fiancée, a husband and maybe some children on the way. I have always wanted a family young, I personally don't want to start having kids in my 30s. I know that may sound crazy to some of you who are older than 25 and aren't even thinking about a family but I'm the kind of person who doesn't care about going out in town every week, I'm a very homely person (if that is a word). So obviously I am the type to settle down young but that is just how I have been brought up. My mum and dad married when she was 17 and he was 19 and my 26 year old sister has been married for 4 years so to us settling down is normal. But for all this to happen I need to find a partner I want to spend my life with and have a family with and no one has made the cut yet, watch this space...

Obviously I'm not stupid and don't want to start having a family young when I have no way to support them, I am currently the Sales Team Leader at my work and by the time I am 25 I want to be In either of these two roles; Store manager or Regional manager. Obviously *stop saying obviously Chelsea!*  if a role comes along that I enjoy more or is more beneficial for me I will change my career plan but for now, this is what I am aiming for. I know I definitely want a career in fashion so maybe if a job came along in a office or building but was fashion related then my career plans would change again. My main aim is to establish a career by my chosen age so that I can go away and have kids but I will still able to jump back into my role as the company know how good I am and that I am capable of handling a career as well as looking after my children.

Something really important to me is having my own space so I can't wait to move out and have my own flat or house. If I could move out right now I would! but alas it is not on the cards for me as of yet. I don't think I could ever live alone, think of all the spiders I'd have to put under glasses until someone popped round... so my plan is to move in with my partner, wherever he may be... I know for a fact I could never move in with a friend, I know a few people who have and it has ruined their friendship so I think if you aren't best friends with someone and feel completely comfortable telling them whats what, your friendship might not last the duration. Anyway I hope that by 25 I am settled down with a place to call my own with my partner, every time I go shopping with my friends or sister for their flats I get the bug to decorate but I can't fit anymore in my room now!

Linking onto having my own place, I really want a dress up room! A little room with a walk in wardrobe, a white old fashioned vanity table and a cute mirror and silhouette in the corner to dress outfits up on. I just need to convince my partner to get a two bedroom place just for my clothes...

It may sound silly but by the time I'm 25 I hope I have grown a little. I am currently 5ft nothing and although I would rather be really small then really tall, I still wouldn't mind a little height. Nothing major, I think I would lose my charm if I was normal height but maybe just a little more to help me reach the back of the cupboard or the top of my pole that I have clothes on without having to stand on my bed.

Where as most people dream of traveling the world and visiting Thailand, America and Australia, I am more interested in visiting the countries in my own part of the world. Don't get me wrong I would love to visit any one of them countries, but I would more enjoy visiting Scotland, Ireland and Wales. I think the fact that they are right next to me but I don't take the opportunity to visit them is silly. So in the next few years I want to visit at least 2 of the 3 other countries in the united kingdom, and other towns and cities in England! Weekends here and there break down the draining 40 hour working weeks and give you something to look forward to and a chance to make great memories. Plus I love all their accents so I might meet an attractive Welsh, Irish or Scottish husband ;)

Last but certainly not least, when I settle down and move into my own flat or house, I want to move to a little cute village, especially when I start raising children. I have always wanted to live in a village, it actually makes me sad that I don't live in one right now. I have always said I could easily be a famers wife living in the country side because I love it so much. Living in my own little cottage in the country and driving into the town or city for work sounds like my dream. I get to manage my own store in a city full of entertainment but then when the day ends I get to go home to my quiet village and sit on the sofa with my partner/fiancée/husband and enjoy our quiet time together. Sounds perfect :)
The type of cottages I'd love to live in

So these are all the things I want to reach/accomplish in 5 years time and hopefully when I do reach that age, I can look back at this post and feel like I have accomplished what I wanted, or at least be on my way :)

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  1. Ah what a lovely and different post to read! I really hope that in 5 years time you've achieved your dreams and more! (Plus I'm definitely with you on the walk in wardrobe!) x


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