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Cheeky Shopping Spree...

I bought a few bits last time I went to town and what started out as a day off with my boyfriend and sister turned into a major shopping spree on my and my sisters part... It just escalated too quickly to stop ourselves and to be honest we didn't want to stop!

The bulk of my spree was spent in Superdrug, I originally only went into Superdrug for my sister because she wanted to pick up some concealer but it didn't stop there. I picked up two Sleek face palettes which I've been itching to try out for ages now. I picked up the blush By 3 palette and the face Form contouring and blush palette and i can't wait to try them out!
I also picked up a new Barry M nail vanish in shade 272 shocking pink, a MUA power pout lip stick in shade Crazy in love and the Rimmel London Kate mascara in the shade 007 Eye Rock Emerald. I didn't realise that it was green until I got it home but it actually works really nice and you cant tell that it isn't black once its on your eye lashes. I really need to check the colour of a mascara before I buy them!

I also bought some new clothes in Newlook and Primark which are perfect for the colder months in autumn. Firstly I picked up a pair of little boots which I am in love with already! They are perfect to wear with leggings or jeans and frilly socks and a big baggy jumper. I also bought two new pairs of jeans as I have had to throw out a few of my old favourites recently, my favourite are the ripped light jeans from Newlook (Other pair from Primark). I picked up 5 shirts from Newlook recently, the plain white shirt I picked up to wear underneath jumpers and bulker tops. The last clothing item i picked up was this black and white checked stretchy skirt from the 915 section in Newlook.
I've chosen to write this post after I have already worn most of the clothes and they are in the wash so I've had to get a photo off of the websites for some of them... some are sold out so I cant show you a photo, sorry!
 Enjoy! x
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  1. the colour of that nail varnish is gorgeous- i love bright colours! id love it if youd comment back http://www.amyelizabethfashion.com/2014/09/gluten-free-treats-with-udis.html xx


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