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Sleek Contouring palette

I have finally finally bought the sleek contouring palette Yay! I've seen so many reviews on this product and the hype was too much to resist. Although to have wanted this for months now so I'm proud I've lasted this long. 

First of, one thing I love about this palette is the packaging, it's simple and let's the product speak for itself, and it's easy to fit in your handbag on a night out. 

All three shades in the palette are useful and well loved. I've never been a fan of highlighters before so this is my first and I have to say it has been used on plenty of days. The bronze shade is perfect for people like me who on some days can look really pale and then on others can have a nice tan. The contour is a heaven sent! It's my first of it's kind and I am loving using it. The best thing about the three shades is that they are really easy to work in so I'm never afraid im going to walk out the house with a giant brown cheek.

The staying power of this palette is really impressive, I can use it at half 7 when I'm getting ready for work and it's still on my cheeks when I get home at 6. 

The big question is, is this palette worth £10? Hell yeah it is!
You get three great colours which all do different jobs, it lasts all day compared to other bronzers and contours, it is easy to pack and take anywhere because the packaging is simple and the casing is easy to clean.
I'd say I'd found a winner!

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