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How To Cover | Red Pigmentation and Blemishes

I don't know about the rest of you but my skin is very temperamental, really really temperamental.  Recently I have been suffering with really bad redness on my cheeks and red dots all along my cheeks and chin.
This could be a result of a few different factors (rubbish food and stressful days at work aren't helping) but I have been using a few products that I have found really useful in covering up my blemish skin and making it look even.
Because my skin has been so horrible lately, I have been using these products nearly every day and I've got into a bit of routine in applying them.

Prepping your skin before you cover it in products is really important not just to help your products last through the day but also to stop them from looking cakey or even flakey if you suffer from dry skin. There are two products that I use to prep my skin before I load it with foundation and concealer, the Simple Oil Balancing Moisturiser and the Christian Dior Pore Minimizer Skin Refining Matte Primer.
The moisturiser is good at giving my skin some added moisture and boost without drowning it and I only need to wait a few minutes before I can start adding my primer. It also helps control shine which we all suffer from now and again.
The primer helps me get a matte looking finish and helps keep my foundation and concealer on for longer, so my horrible red cheeks are hidden for longer.
Together these two products are great as a duo and perfect as a base for under foundation.

After I  have prepped my face I put my Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer in Ivory on any reddnes on my cheeks and any spots I might have. This doesn't cover the blemishes completely by its self but its does help me disguise my blemishes before I add my foundation.

Next I cover my whole face in foundation like I would normally do, because I have prepped my face with moisturiser and primer my face shouldn't look cakey or orange with my foundation on too. The foundation works as a mask to even out my skin so that my concealer is now invisible and my skin looks naturally even.
I  have been going between two different foundations recently which are the Rimmel Match Perfection in shade Warm Ivory which has a medium to full coverage so is handy on the days when my skin is really bad, and the Maybelline Fit Me in shade 115 Ivory which has less coverage then the Rimmel product so is useful on the days when my skin isn't to blotchy.

Top Up
Lastly, so that my make-up lasts the day and my blemishes stay hidden, I use the Collection 2000 pressed powder in Transparent to set my make up and I then use it through the day to top up my make up and keep it looking fresh. No one likes a patchy face in the afternoon!

I would post a photo of my skin before I have applied these products to show you have good they work but who wants to see my spotty red face, I'm saving your eyes!
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