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Reunited with my second skin

Today is a good day, and why is that you ask? Today is a good day because I have finally been reunited with my one true love. I don't think my boyfriend would appreciate me saying that but I think I've made my point.
I first purchased this foundation a whole year ago and after the first try I was in love. After that first try this foundation went straight to my imaginary first place in my foundation chart. If I'm being honest I was quite upset when I finished the bottle but because I had gone a little crazy on the foundation while I had it, I wouldn't let myself buy it again until I have used up some of the foundations I already had (and if I'm honest I still have 5 in my make up draw and I have just ordered 2 from Makeup Revolution so I shouldn't have bought it tbh) 
There are many reasons why this foundation is my personal favourite, one reason being that it applies really well to the skin and it doesn't matter how you apply, whether you are using a foundation flat brush or your fingers. It also doesn't look cakey even if you layer it up to cover bad skin and you don't need much to cover bad skin I find as a little bit of product really evens out your skin.
Another thing I love about this foundation is the colour it comes out as on your skin, all the foundations I have are in the shade Ivory but this foundation makes my skin glow like no other and look like I've been on holiday (or at least sat in the garden for an afternoon). Don't get me wrong it doesn't make me look brown or orange, it gives me a good tan and boy do I need it!
The foundation itself lasts a long time, I wore it to my works Christmas party (which I was actually ill for so you can imagine how much fun I had...) and it lasted until the early morning and it helped made me look healthy and not a big ill mess.
When I first started this blog I used to rave about this foundation at any given opportunity and now that its back in my life I think it is safe to warn you all to prep yourself for some more, I expect I will be including this foundation in many make up posts in the future!
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