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Three Make Up Removers For Every Kind Of Mood

There are so many different products today to remove makeup that it can be a little confusing when your on the lookout for a new product to try. I have three sure fire products that work great to remove my makeup and are all completely different for the different moods i'm in.

Make up removers garnier micellar water simple cleansing wipes lush ultrabland facial cleanser

The All Rounder - Lush Ultrabland Cleanser 
This cleanser is amazing at melting your makeup off, the best make up remover I have every used hands down. It doesn't irritate your skin or even your eyes so it is the dream. The pot lasts for ages considering how often I have used it so it ticks all the boxes for me. I wish I had the energy and time to use this every night but sometimes I do take the easy way out...

The Lazy One - Simple Kind To Skin Cleansing Facial Wipes 
Everyone uses this option after a night out or a late night because its just so easy to get it done in a few seconds and it still removes all your makeup in one go. I boycotted facials wipes for years after I heard people saying that they were really bad for your skin and look at me now, I keep a pack on my side in case I can't be bothered to go to the bathroom to remove my make up (bad I know...)

The Other One - Garnier Micellar Water 
We all have that one product that we only reach for if we run out of our favourite product. Mine is this micellar water which does the job perfectly but isn't as good as the Lush Cleanser or as easy as the Simple Facial Wipes. Sometimes when I want a change I will whip out this product so that I don't get bored of using the same product.

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