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5 Things I Do To Stop Work Taking Over Your Life

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Working in retail can mean a lot of your time is spent pulling your hair out at a messy shop, throw in manager duties and it can get a little crazy. I have recently got a promotion which means in the next few weeks I will be moving to a bigger city store to work which is 40 minutes away. I am quite good at separating my work like from my home life but when I move that might become different when I getting home at 8 and leaving the next morning at 5. These are the 5 things that I do now and will continue to do to keep work from taking over my little life. 

  1. Mute all my work chats - I have a total of 5 work chats on Whatsapp it is ridiculous! So apart from my managers work chats which I have to keep open in case anything important is said, I mute the other 4 so I am not constantly reading about the stores on my region.  It can get really annoying when your phone constantly pings and the message isn't for you. 
  2. Making plans on my days off - It is so easy for me to spend my whole day off in bed doing nothing. I am a not so secret sloth but then I go back to work and feel like I have wasted my free time so I try and make plans most days. Its usually seeing my friends who are off too or going shopping in another town. My days off are my only real free time to blog too so usually my morning in bed are spent doing that. 
  3. Going out for lunch - Half the time I have to stay at my work during lunch because I am the only management in but the other half I can leave and sometimes it is nice to just get out the shop especially if I am working a long day. You don't even have to spend money you can take a packed lunch and go sit on a bench or a park, lucky for me my new store is right by a river with benches all along it. 
  4. Not bringing work home - Sometimes it is easy to think 'I can finish that rota at home and then it's done' but every time I do that I end up having no evening and then it is time for bed so I've stopped doing that . Work is work and home is home, yeah sometimes I bring a little something home to start because I want to but I have stopped giving myself homework. 
  5. Using my evenings to relax and have me time - After a long day at work I like to come home, get in my pj's and do absolutely nothing and it feels great! If I do have some energy then I like to have a little pamper sess to build me back up and if I have a lot of energy I like to see my friends and be sociable. Me and Cal love to go for a walk when it is nice weather in the evenings (see picture above from last nights walk). 

I shall let you all know how my move goes when I finally do move! Change is exciting but also so so scary so I hope I enjoy the change of scenery! 
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  1. Having time just for yourself and planning it according to your wishes and needs is the key!
    Enjoy every single moment you have off work :)

    xo Honey
    Royal Lifestyle


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