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Shopping my stash | Blushes

Something that I always forget about when I am doing my makeup is blusher, mainly because I have always been a bronze/contour girl at heart but also because I don't think I have the right face shape to use both. I try and copy people on YouTube and I look like a drag queen-true story. Even though I don't wear blushers at all I have a large collection of them in my stash which as you can tell, never get used. I really need to start shopping my stash pronto as I have put myself on a spending ban to help me save money for a mortgage, so here are a few items I am hoping to slowly start to love using in my routine. 

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I'll start with the newest edition to my blush collection, the Bourjois Aqua Blush in in 02 CocoriCorail. I watched lots of tutorials using this blush product and thought it would be perfect for a blush novest like me but I've never really used it apart from the first day I got. I don't know if I am using it right or not but I haven't given it the time of day at all so this product definitely needs some more love!

A sample that I have had for a long while now and always keep telling myself to use is the Benefit Benetint. The idea of it intrigues me but I always forget that I have it in my stash. I intend to start using it regularly this summer as it is a product that you can't go wrong with and its quick and easy to apply.

 A very scary looking blusher is the Revlon Photo Ready blush in Coral Reef 300, this product is months old and used to be a big favourite of mine but recently I have totally forgot about it and neglected it. Even though it is really scary looking in the pan it comes across really soft and subtle when it is blended in. Perfect to give your face a little big of dimension while not being too in your face.

Beauty, blush, blushes, elf, benefit, bourjous, sleek, Revlon,

The Sleek blush palette by 3 in Lace I have had for donkeys years and I haven't actually used it once! What a waste! The quality of the powder products from Sleek are so good but that is what is scaring me about this trio. They aren't just pretty normal colours... they are bright babies! I am going to start using this super neglected palette with a very light hand!

My last neglected blush is the Elf blush in Mellow Mauve which I didn't buy that long ago. Even though this is a really pretty natural flushed colour I have hardly used it since purchasing it. The quality of this product is very similar to Sleek which is great for the price, but it also is subtle and builds evenly. This will be my everyday natural blush choice. 

Beauty, blush, blushes, elf, benefit, bourjous, sleek, Revlon,

Do any of you have these products? Which one works best for you?
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