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Summer Time Calls For Highlight!

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I have a big obsession with highlighters like most beauty bloggers these days and I love talking about them. I have a few posts about highlighters already under my belt including Highlighting on a budget and Shopping my stash | Highlighters  but now it is time to talk about my all time favourite highlighters in my collection. 

I'll start with my only pallet in the post, the Collection Contour Kit - Highlight and Sculpt. This is one pallet where I can safely say I make use of both the shades in this kit. The highlighter is so beautiful and super pigmented for the price of £4.19. Unlike some palettes you actually get a generous size of product so it should last my for a long time unless I start going crazy with the highlight. 

I have two Revolution highlighter products which I love to pieces and always go back to. I have had the Vivid Baked Highlighter in Peach Lights for nearly a year now and I haven't even hit pan yet which is amazing. I do love powder highlight as I think it tends to last longer and this powder is so pigmented and blends so lovely on the skin and on top of other makeup. I also have it in Pink lights which is beautiful to wear as well and is as pigmented as the peach version. 

round up, highlighters, makeup, collection, beauty, revolution, newlook, pure colour, collection, summer, glow, shimmer, I also have The One Highlighter Stick by Revolution which is so so pretty. Although I tend to use powder highlighters more often then stick versions, I do have two favourites in my stash and this is one of them. I find this gorgeous stick is super creamy and doesn't budge my foundation which I find in some sticks, it gives a gorgeous effect to the skin and it reminds me of Nars Copacabana highlighter. 

Lastly I have two Newlook Pure Colour highlighters which I love love love. The first is the Baked Highlighter Powder in 93 Gold which I use as a bronzer/highlighter as it is the prefect shade to give a bit of colour to your cheeks as well as some sparkle. The pigmentation of the highlighter is insane and I use this product all the time and still haven't hit pan (I don't actually think I have hit pan on any of my highlighters which makes me happy). 

My final product is the Pure Colour highlighter Stick in 93 Gold. Like the Revolution stick, the Newlook stick doesn't budge any of my foundation when I apply it and it is so smooth and creamy when you apply it and again, leaves a beautiful shimmer to the skin. Since this stick is a little bit smaller then the Revolution stick it is perfect to add highlighter to your nose and brow arch, which might be too small for the bigger sticks to fit in. 

What are some of your favourite Highlighters? 

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