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3 Party Heels For This Season

3 Party Heels For This Season

The festive season is the only time when I really make an effort in dressing up and having a social life. I love spending my nights curled up in bed watching a film with a face mask on. But when it comes to December time my party animal comes out, in the sense that I go out for one Christmas party and then spend the rest of the month eating food on the sofa with my family. Told you I was a party animal!

Here are 3 of my favourite party heels for the festive season that goes good with any party outfit especially a little black dress which I love. The first heels are these very in your face red glitter peep toe which I bought about 5 years ago to dress up as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. They are so pretty and perfect with a LBD and a red lip. These are from Newlook and they are 5 years old but I have found two similar styles here and here.

My second pair of party shoes are these gold wrap peep toes heels which are my all time favourite shoes I have bought. This styles makes lasting all night in heels easy peasy as your feet don't fall out of the shoes when you are dancing, which is very important. These specific shoes aren't sold anymore but I have a similar version here.

Lastly I have my most recent pair of shoes of shoes which are my most comfortable party shoes I own. These shoes look gold in some lights and silver in other lights so you could wear any accessories with these shoes, which make these really easy to style. They also go great with my favourite outfit... a LBD of course.  You can find a similar style here. 

3 Party Heels For This Season

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  1. Love your picks! So sparkly. You'd def catch a bunch of people's attention ;)

    Nicole | The Glam Surge


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