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How To Get A Glow This Festive Season

How To Get A Glow This Festive Season

During the festive season I like to fake a natural glow because I am usually super pale during the colder months so I thought I would round up some of the products that I love to give me that lovely glow.

Starting off with some fake tan I currently love the St Moriz Wash Off Tan in medium for giving my whole body a even subtle tan. I love this product because I am not the best tanner so I don't always remember to keep up with it but it doesn't matter with this product. The tan doesn't apply streaky and even better, it doesn't turn streaky as it fades. I find this lasts a good few days on my skin and you can build it up quite easy for a big night out. I will definitely use this running up to my works Christmas night out.

The primer that gives my skin the most glowing complexion no matter what type of foundation I wear is the Nivea Post Shave Balm.  I can wear this with matte foundation and it still gives my skin an amazing healthy dewy glow. This primer used with the L'oreal True Match Foundation is the perfect combo. The L'oreal foundation is just like the primer in the fact  you can wear it by itself for a really nice glow but when you pair it with this primer the glow you get is amazing. I need to go out and get more shades in this foundation so I have a shade for all year round.

Lastly I have delved into the world of illuminators lately and I am loving life. The Tanya Burr Face Illuminator is a lovely product that I am glad I have in my life. If I am wearing a duller looking foundation or a matte foundation I can use this product after my primer and before my foundation and it gives my skin an added extra glow. This illuminator is a more subtle glow on the face compared to the L'oreal True Match Highlighter in Golden Glow which is a more golden shimmer consistency. I like to use the L'oreal illuminator on the tops of my cheekbones underneath my foundation and it makes my cheekbones really pops out whereas I use the Tanya Burr illuminator all over my face.

What do you use to add a glow to your routine? 
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  1. I really want to try some of TB new products, especially that illuminator sounds amazing for this time of the year when you're skin just needs a bit more of a pick me up! I really love the Nivea shave balm for a primer as I do think it actually works! xx



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