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The Best Of Tanya Burr Cosmetics

The Best Of Tanya Burr Cosmetics
The Best Of Tanya Burr Cosmetics

I thought it was about time I wrote a whole post on one make up brand/collection that I have a growing stash off and which is one of favourites at the moment. Most of my stash are from a few of her collections with most of them still in shops as far as I am aware so I definitely think you should try these products if you haven't already!

The Face Illuminator is my all time favourite product from her collections because the product inside works really well on my skin and helps me look more alive when I don't always feel it. I use this underneath my foundation to give my skin a glow and to make me look more tanned. I love this product so much and I have 3 squeeze tubs of it in case it runs out, prepared much?! This product is only £8 and it does exactly the same as what some products which cost £30+ do so if you love the glowing from within look this is definitely up your street! 

Next up is her Illuminating Powders and I have both Warm Bronze and Champagne Sorbet which are both stunning. I love bronzers and Warm Bronze is the perfect shimmery warm toned powder to use normally when you have a tan or to use with a light hand over a flat bronzer to give your cheeks a real healthy glow. I love wearing the bronzer by itself or on top of other bronzers and it always looks nice. I am not a big highlighter gal on a day to day basis but Champagne Sorbet isn't too over the top so when I am in the mood to wear something this is perfect for looking natural.

I also have the My Paradise Eye Palette which is stunning! I love all four colours and they blend together to make such beautiful looks. I am quite a boring girl when it comes to eye shadow, I like one or two shades which match that I can blend together and I am done. None of this cut crease shit I don't have time for that! So this palette is great because all four colours work well together and when I wear them they are natural on the skin and don't look like I've made too much effort.

Lastly I have my first ever Tanya Burr product if I remember correctly, the Beautifully Defined Palette (ebay) which has 3 eye shadows, a contour, a powder highlight and a small tub of my favourite face illuminator. I used this palette non stop when I first got it because it has everything you would need in it. The contour shade can look quite scary in the pan but on the cheeks it is really subtle and blends in really easily.  The 3 eye shadow shades are right up my alley with the matte and shimmer brown tones and again they blend in really easily and look really natural. Annoyingly this palette isn't sold anymore from what I can see but I can see Tanya bringing out something similar in the future (well I am hoping anyway because I would buy that too)

The main thing I have found with most of the Tanya Burr products is that they all give me glowing healthy skin and I love that a lot. If I am going on a night out or going out on a sunny day I reach for these products because I know I will look good in them even if my skin is having a hiccup that day (which is most days lately...)

I would definitely recommend Tanya Burr Cosmetics if you haven't tried them yet and I haven't even spoke about her lip products... that might have to be a separate post!

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  1. I never saw (or owned) anything by this brand (cause we don't have it here), but I do really like how the products look and I've read some nice reviews. I also like imprints on these, pineapples and dots and all that. That's really cute. :)
    you have really good photos, btw

    xo Honey - blog Royal Lifestyle - Twitter - Instagram


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