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Monthly favourites | October '14

Its that time again people where I  tell you guys what I've been loving this month and shock! I totally forgot until now when we are already 4 days into the next month. Good thing I have been writing products down in my notebook all month so I haven't been completely lazy...

 I haven't got many favourites this month but all the products I'm going to talk about I haven't been able to stop using the theme for this month is quality over quantity.

The first is these incredibly cute ginger bread leggings I got from Primark at the beginning of the month. Seriously how cute are they?! I love the design because I am a huge fan of Christmas and the little ginger bread men are just sooo cute. The leggings are also extremely warm so great during the colder months.

Next is a make up product I have talked about before but I need to talk about every day because I love it just so much! It is the brilliantly helpful Sleek contour palette, you probably guessed it anyway. Like last time I wrote about it, I have been using it everyday still. I wont go over everything I love about it again, here is just my post dedicated to it here.

My next item is from quite a miss-looked brand that now does make up. It is Newlook's Pure Colour blusher in shade 72 babydoll pink. Not many people talk about the make up from Newlook and I am not just saying this because I am biased but this blush in my opinion is really good. It Is a nice pale pink colour that looks really nice on the cheeks.

My go to foundation this month has been the Maybelline Fit Me foundation in shade 115 Ivory. Again I have talked about this foundation before so it has been a long time favourite of mine for a few months now. The shade isn't too pigmented like other foundations so its good at not turning your face a different colour to your neck.

My last item is the Soap and Glory Clean, Girls body wash, this is the perfect body wash for skin that isn't feeling that healthy and needs something to give it back some moisture and loving. Already this autumn my skin has started to get really dry and irritated so this moisturising body wash is perfect to help you get back super soft skin.

And that's the end of my short but sweet October favourites post, have you guys tried any of the products?  

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