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Winter Bath Essentials | 2014

One thing I associate Winter with is boiling hot full to the brim bubble baths, my favourite thing to do when I have time. In the debate between showers and baths, for most of the year I am on the side of baths (although during them weeks in the summer when it is too hot to do anything, showers do come in handy)

What I like to put in my bath varies all the time, some days I want to put everything I own in it, while other days I want a simple bath. One thing that will always be in my bath no matter what the time of year or how I'm feeling is bath salts. I always like to have them in my bath as I was told many years ago that having salt in your bath kills bacteria on your skin, that might not be true at all but it has always stuck with me. Some bath salts that I am using at the moment are by Burlington.

One product that half the time does, half the time doesn't, make it into my bath is actually bubble bath. My skin is quite temperamental so sometimes having bubble bath in my bath does irritate my skin, but on them days when my skin does want to work, I love to add a bit of Soap and Glory Calm one Calm all bubble bath.

The last thing that I bring in the bath with me is my Baylis & Harding body wash in sweet mandarin and grapefruit. It is one of my old favourites that makes my skin feel really clean and nourished every time I used it. The great thing about this body wash is that it leaves my skin feeling really soft and moisturised.

And those are my three bath essentials for Winter. Now that I've finished this post, I am off to go and have a long bubble bath. Tell me what are your 'must have' bath essentials! :)

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