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Halloween Inspiration | How To | Saw Make Up and Outfit

So today is the 31st of October which means today is Halloween! I love holidays like this because there are always decorations up everywhere and people really get into the spirit and it gives people an excuse to dress up.
Now this Halloween I am actually not dressing up just because my only option of going out is to go into town and I am not doing that in fancy dress! So anyway this evening (or now depending when I put this up) I am going to the cinema with my boyfriend to watch Ouja, hopefully I wont poo my pants in the cinema...
Since I'm not dressing up this year and I didn't have this blog back then I thought I'd show you guys what I dressed up as last year for a Halloween party. I went as the puppet Saw from the gruesome Saw films which are my favourite! I had the help of my sister and her two friends to get me looking creepy. I had work till 6 that night so it was a bit of a rush to get ready in time for the party but we did it. 
I bought white face paint to cover my whole face in, black eye shadow to put all around my eyes, I used a bright red lipstick I already had, a red cream blush to draw on my circles on my cheeks and lastly used a black pencil eye liner to draw on my dummy jaw lines.
The funny thing was my over exaggerated eyebrows look like some girls eye brows normally!
For my hair I backed combed the top of it to get it hold for the whole night (which it did) and curled the hair at the bottom. I tried to make it quite messy so that I wouldn't look to 'put together'
For my outfit I bought a fitted white shirt from Newlook to put under my fitted black blazer from there and wore them with my black disco pants from you guessed it... Newlook. I ordered a red dicky bow off eBay which was a bargain!
And my Saw look was complete!
Here are two photo from the party where I still look quite decent haha the first one is of me and a Micky Mouse garden ornament because why not... and the second is of me and my favourite clown Joseph <3 

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