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A look at Dior

I have a pretty little collection of Dior cosmetics thanks to my late Aunt who worked at Dior before she passed this Christmas. I was lucky even to spend some time with my aunt and my uncle before she got really ill and she gave me these items as a gift before I left, so these items have some special meaning to me. Because of the sentimental value of these items I try not to use them very often so these items are saved for important occasions.  

The first Dior item is the Pore Minimizer primer which is the best primer I have ever used. I know when I use this product that my makeup will last all day and looks the best. The second item is the Nude Tan Light powder which is a lovely light bronzer which is great when I am having a pale day and need a little pick me up. You can never go wrong with this bronzer because it is a light bronzey colour you can never look orange. 

The next two products are Dior Addict mascaras which I really like to use to create simple flared lashes. I have two mascaras In the colours black 092 and the purple 162 and obviously one gets used more. These mascaras are great at opening out your eyes and spreading your lashes out, I tend to put a different bigger mascara on on top if I am going out on a big occasion just to add a bit of length and extra fibres to my lashes. 

Lastly is the Fluid Stick by Dior in the shade 754. Boy does this lip product pack a punch! It îs a cherry red shade which is super pigmented and really compliments the skin. It is super long lasting and makes a great statement with minimal makeup for the rest of the face. The packaging of the fluid stick, as well as the other products, is beautiful as well. 

I would like to dedicate this post to my aunt Jill who always look glamorous and never stopped succeeding in life. :) 
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