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Rimmel lips | Nude edition

I know I am a little late to the party... But I finally have some nude shades in my collection! Before I have not seen the need for a nude lipstick as my collection was already full to the brim with bright shades and to be perfectly honest I did think why would I need a colour that you couldn't tell that I was wearing. 

And then I found my perfect nude shade, this Rimmel Lasting Finish lipstick in shade 206 Nude Pink is definitely my kind of nude colour.  It is a peachy nude shade which moisturises my lips while I am wearing it so I never have to fear that my lips will dry up while I'm wearing it (we've all been there when your lips go dry and your lipstick colour is in chunks in the corner of your lips... Not attractive at all!) 

Like most pale shades of lipstick I find that this nude doesn't last more than an hour or so on my lips but I wasn't expecting it too if I am honest. I have quite big bright lips so pale colours never seem to last long on them as my natural lip colour wins the fight you could say. This colour is really easy to wear and I have been turning to it a lot recently for a more natural lip look during the day. 

My second nude shade I have recently bought is a product that I have been lusting after for ages. I already had a Rimmel Apocalips in a bright pink shade which I love but found it is just too bright to wear a lot of the time so finally I picked up the nude shade of 328. This is a more orange shade of nude then the classic and at first I found it unflattering on my skin but I have really grown to love it now, it definitely looks nicer after a few minutes when it has had time to soak in. 

It is very easy to apply too much of this product and make it look cakey but if you use a light hand then the colour will look fine on you. You can't fault these Apocalips for there staying power as whichever colour I use always lasts a long time on my lips. 

Since I'm late to the party, what shades of nude do you lovelies rate the most? :) 
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