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Five Most Popular Posts From The Year | 2015

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Last year I wrote a blog post called My 5 Most Popular Posts From 2014 and although the name of the post has changed, I am going to talk you through my most popular posts from 2015 too. Some of my most popular posts from the year are posts I put a lot of effort into and so I am glad they are my best received posts.

I'll start with my fifth most popular post and work my way up and that post was my Pure Lips post. This post was all about some new lipsticks I had purchased from Newlook. I still love these lipsticks and recently posted a second post all about more Newlook lipsticks that I bought recently, read that post here.

My fourth most popular post of the year was my Why Lily Collins Will Forever Be My Girl Crush post. I got a lot of love for this post so a lot of people must share my love for the girl. I basically list all the reasons why I love the girl and why I want to be her. If you love Lily too have a little read!

My third most popular post was my Best finds on eBay and Tips! post and I really enjoyed writing this post as I had never seen anything like it and loved how it came out. I do love a eBay shop and this post shows you all the great bargains I have bought over the years and gives you a few tips for buying great quality products on the site.

My second most popular post was my How To Style | Ripped Jeans post which was my fifth most popular post for 2014. Fashion posts are something that I really enjoy writing but very rarely do which is something I want to change in 2016.

My most popular post of 2015 was my Kiko Universal Fit Hydrating Foundation which I wrote in January of 2015 and for the whole year it has been my most read post with 1059 views, that might not be a lot to some of you but to someone like me, that is a lot of views! If I am being totally honest with you, I have no idea why this post has become so popular but every month this post is my most viewed post.

This year has been a good year for myself and my blog and I finally feel like I am finding my own style of blogging. I can't wait to see what 2016 brings and hope that I still enjoy blogging then as much as I do now (which I know I will already)

I would just like to say a big thank you to everyone who has followed me this year and also to the lovely people who have been following me prior to this year. I appreciate you all so much and hope you all have a lovely new years day and hope you all have an amazing year.

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  1. Loved reading these posts early this year!
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