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W7 In The Nude and In The Buff Palettes

W7, In the buff, In the nude, eye shadows, palettes,

Recently I added two new eye shadow palettes to my collection and I have not been disappointed. The palettes are the W7 In The Nude and In The Buff Natural Nudes and I have seriously been impressed with them. I have had my eye on them for a while but I never knew where to purchase them as they aren't in Superdrug or Boots, then I discovered that they were sold in B&M and I couldn't resist trying them out.  
The quality of the eye shadows are really good for the price of £9.99, most of the time you can get it even cheaper online or in B&M for around £4 which is even better. The eye shadows last all day on my eye lids (with or without a eye primer) which I was surprised about, the pigmentation of the eye shadows is rich and creamy meaning they blend in seamlessly every time. Because they are quite creamy I tend to use the smudge brush to apply the product and then use a fluffy brush to blend out the product or to blend two colours together. 

W7, In the buff, In the nude, eye shadows, palettes,

The range of colours you get in the palettes is really good and you can create a range of looks from just one of the palettes. You get 12 colours in each of the palettes and they range from a skin coloured nude to a dark crease colour. My favourite out of the two palettes is the In The Nude palette which I got first, it has 9 shimmer shades and 3 matte shades. All three matte shades are perfect bases for all the shimmer shades that follow and are perfect for the spring/summer time. I have had a lot of use out of this palette as you can tell from the indents everywhere. 

The In The Nude palette is more for the going out/ glowing winter time of the year. It includes 8 shimmer shades and 4 matte shades all perfect for smokey eyes. The second shade which is a gorgeous golden shimmer shade (which has the huge dent in) is my favourite shade from both the palettes. This palette I am excited to use during the Christmas party season because the gold shades are just beautiful and so pigmented. 

The packaging of these palettes is very Urban Decay with their plastic case which makes them really easy to clean and hopefully indestructible (I'll keep you posted!) 

Let me know if there are any other W7 products that are worth purchasing!
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  1. I have both of these pallets, In the buff is my favourite. I love using the gold's and the lighter colours.
    Emily Xxx

  2. Ooh I have been eyeing these up for some time but didnt know if they would be any good! Ill have to pick them up next time I see them! Great review!



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