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My Summer Proof Face

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With the sudden heat wave in England keeping your face on during the day can be a struggle, especially when you drive a way to work and the car has a habit of melting your face off! Here are a few products that I have found keep my makeup on all day during this hot weather.

When it is hot and sweaty weather using a primer is key to keeping your makeup on. The best one I have found is the Nivea Post Shaving Balm which is amazing at giving my skin a dewying look and keeping my foundation on. I don't like to use this primer every day as I tend to get little spots on my face when I use it frequently (if anyone else has found that let me know so I know its not just me!) so I only use this product when I going somewhere important, am going to be out for a long day or of course when it is really hot.

I choose between three foundations when the weather is super hot outside and all of these are great at not clogging my skin and lasting all day in the heat. One of the foundations I have spoke about recently because it is a new favourite of mine.  The L'Oreal True Match foundation is so amazing! It has great coverage, gives my skin a dewy effect, lasts all day on my face and never looks cakey. This foundation combined with the Nivea primer gives me the best summer skin!

My other two foundations that I love during the hot weather are the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum and the Foundation which are great light bases. These are my typical summer products as they are super lightweight on the face and give you just a small coverage just enough to cover blemishes but still keep your skin light and unclogged. If you are having a bad skin day I wouldn't use these unless you were going to go to town with the concealer as they don't cover much up but if your only have a few flecks across your skin a little bit of concealer will sort you right out.

bourjois, Clinique, collection, L'Oreal, MAC, makeup, Miss Sporty, Newlook, nivea, summer, The two concealers that I use everyday without a doubt are the Collection Lasting Perfection in Cool Medium and the Miss Sporty Perfect Stay Concealer in Light. The collection concealer is great at covering spots and reddness while the Miss Sport concealer is great at brightening up my permanent eye bags.

To keep my face from sweating off I have found that the Newlook Pure Colour Loose Power is the best at setting my makeup into place. I tend to only use power bronzer and contour products during the hot weather as they tend to last longer in the heat and my two favourites at the moment are the Maybelline Master Sculpt and the Body Shop Bronzing Power.

To give my eye a little something I tend to only use a cream eye shadow as they are easy to apply and don't wear off during the day even in high heats. My favourite is the Maybelline Colour Tattoo in On and On Bronze, a perfect golden bronze shade which looks good by itself or under a power eye shadow.

Lastly on my lips to keep them moisturised I like to use either my Mac Cremesheen in Delight or my Clinique Pop Lip Colour in Bare Pop. These both keep my lips super moisturised and full of colour while I'm out in the sun.
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  1. I used the bourjois healthy mix serum when it's super hot outside because it is so light, have to agree that it's a good'n! At first I wasn't a fan of the nivea shaving balm, but now that my skin has gotten used to it, it's seriously a great primer! xx



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