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What I've Been Watching On Netflix || Documentaries, Films and Tv Shows

What I've Been Watching On Netflix || Documentaries, Films and Tv Shows

I am a total Netflix junkie and regularly choose watching something on the app rather than on sky so my Netflix history is quite large. Whenever I watch something really good on it I like to tell everyone to go watch it themselves and I have more films and docs to tell you about today.


The Keepers 
I love a good murder mystery doc and I saw the advert for this documentary before it was officially released and couldn't wait to see it. It is based around a group of former pupils from a catholic school in Baltimore who after 40 years are still trying to discover who murders their favourite teacher Sister Cathy Cesnik. It includes reports from police and interviews with former pupils who shed some light on the ins and outs of the school which for 40 years the school and the Archdiocese had tried to hide. I watched the 7 part documentary in one day I was so hooked and at the end I really hopped someone was going to get justice! If you loved Making a Murderer than you will like this. 

Reggie Yates Extreme 
Another doc I love which follows Reggie Yates as he travels to different countries and looks at sexuality, religion, violence and child modeling among others. He has two volumes of the series and I have watched both because they are really gripping and each of them follow a different concept. My favourite episodes have to be in Russia because it shows how completely different countries can be in the way they act, think and what they believe in. 

TV Shows 

American Horror Story 
I have been obsessed with this series since I first discovered it on Netflix a few years ago. It is so unlike anything else on tv which is way I like it. It can be so disgusting and violent but that is what the show is about. I started with the Murder House series and become hooked from there with the Coven series being my favourite because they are all bad bitches. I watched the latest series about Donald Trump and the election and I still don't know how I feel about it, I felt like it didn't have an ending. But if you like violence, sex, grim behavior then you will love it! Each series is different as well so if you don't enjoy one, there is always something different to try. 

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
I started watching this series when I was bored living in my parents house when I wanted something to watch and oh my it became my favourite tv show for a very long time. It follows a women who for a number of years was locked in a bunker by a crazy Reverent with three other girls. She has no idea how the world works and then when they are discovered she is thrown into the New York life. I find it hilarious because she is so child like and it has Tituss Burgess in who is an amazing actor and is perfect for the show. It is a really easy watch and so so funny. 

Call The Midwife 
Netflix got me hooked on Call The Midwife so much that I went out and purchased series 6 on dvd so that I was ready for the current series which is on TV right now. Netflix, why don't you have series 6 that's what I want to know?! Anyway I am totally in love with this series it has made me want to live back in that era because I know I would be Trixie (who should totally still be with Tom, at least in real life they are happy with a new born baby)  It deals with a lot of different issues which were common at the time and it is still great to watch as a pick me up. 


Before I Fall 
This is a really beautiful film about a girl who is involved in a car accident which makes her repeat that single day over and over again until she makes a change which is going to stop the accident happening, easier said then done. During the film she learns a lot about herself, her friends and the people around her which coupled with the fact shes in a car accident made me cry like a baby. I love films where something happens to a character which makes them have out of body experiences. 

Autumn Dreams 
This film is about a couple who elope in their teens but are separated by the girls father because of their age, they don't see each other for a good few years until they discover their marriage was never annulled at the time. They are both also engaged to other people when they find out so they obviously want to sort it quick but it involves spending time with each other which you can guess what happens. Love love love this film Colin Egglesfield is a fittie as well which makes watching it even more enjoyable! 

The Choice
This is a typical american romantic film about a bad boy who films for the sweet girl next door but their are other people involved and there is a cute dog running around. Then when you think finally everyone is happy something happens and I really didn't see it coming. I was a mess after watching this film so I will warn you get tissues and a cuddly toy to hold because you will be crying. The film is worth the cry though and if you love a boy with a southern accent then you need to hear Benjamin Walker's southern accent... 

A Christmas Prince 
Lastly to remind us of happier times over Christmas I watched A Christmas Prince which is so good. I love sappy hallmark films and this is a typical one about a reporter who wants to get a story on the rebellious young prince and ends up with a job in the royal house by mistake and falls for the dashing prince. I blame these kind of films for my need to marry a prince which is obviously never going to happy since both Hazza and Wills are loved up. 

Do you have any recommendations for Netflix? 
I have a big list of shows and films I want to watch but I have room for me!

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  1. I think not having Netflix is keeping me sane. I would just be watching everything 24/7. :D also, I totally get it, wanting to marry a prince and all that. Romantic movies will ruin us haha

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