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Winter Pamper Routine 2018

Winter Pamper Routine 2018

After a long day at work nothing makes me feel more relaxed or refreshed like a good old pamper evening, usually by myself because I am a introvert and like to spend quality time with myself. I've needed multiply pamper evenings over the last few weeks because it hasn't been the easiest start to the year but they are never disappointing.

Like I have just said I like to be alone when I have a pamper evening/day/weekend depending on how much I need to relax and I live with my partner so I normally see Cal for an hour or so chit chatting while we are making dinner and then I leave him to it to go and begin my routine.

The first thing I do to relax is run a boiling hot bubble bath and shove loads of different products into it. Depending on whether I need to wash my hair while I am in the bath I either opt for a Lush Bath bomb or one of my Molton Brown Bubble baths, both my all time favourites. If I don't need to wash my hair I chuck a multicolored bath bomb in the bath and just watching the colours change relaxes me. If I do need to wash my hair I pour in one of two Molton Brown Bubble Baths which are Mesmerising Oudh Accord & Gold or Vintage With Elderflower which both leave the water sparkling and smelling gorgeous. I received so many bottles of Molton Brown for Christmas that I am slowly working my way through them all but these two bubbles baths are the stand out heroes so far. I also received loads of Lush but that is coming in another post!

Once my bath is ready I like to rest my ipad in the wooden holder I got for Christmas from my sister (mega sister points for that gift!), light all the candles in my bathroom, make a glass of wine or in this case fresh orange juice and watch a good film or a couple of episodes of a series on Netflix. I am currently obsessed with Friends because I am a basic 90s girl so you can usually find me glued to the screen because I love it so much. I've written a few posts about what I watch on Netflix so go on over and have a gander for something to watch! I am planning to posting a new one soon since so much has been added to Netflix recently and I have watched so many good things. ( 6 Netflix Docs You Need To Watch and Top Picks On Netflix)

Once my episode has finished or I have started to go wrinkly I get out of the bath and smoother my skin in the Lush Sleepy Body Lotion and the name of this lotion is perfect because the smell of this product makes me want to go sleep. If I have a late bath and then cover my skin in the Sleepy Lotion that is my night over, as soon as my body touches my bed I'm gone. Its great to use if I really need an early night. I also have started using a hand cream every night before I go bed even though it doesn't happen every night but I am trying. I currently have the Lush Love and Light hand cream tub beside my bed to remind me. I am finding this winter when I do remember my skin is so thankful for it later on!

Now once I have bathed and cover my whole body in the good stuff I reach for a new pair of cute pj's to put on and complete the' born again' feeling. Having a bath and then putting on dirty pj's is like bathing in dirty water, not worth it! I normally reach for my coziest pair of clean pj's and give myself a pat on the back for keeping up on the dirty bin!

Depending on what kind of day it has been and how much energy I have I like to do a face mask if I feel like my face needs one. I have fallen a little out of love with face masks recently so I only have one which I reach for when I really need  a pick me up. That is the Origin Original Skin Re Texturizing Mask with Rose Clay, one that is mentioned regularly on the blog. I like this mask because it is easy to use, doesn't make a mess and the results are easy to see straight away. Luckily my skin hasn't needed this mask much recently so I am hoping my skin have found a right balance for now.

Once my skin has been taken care of I go and see Cal for a little cuddle and then it is bed and book time for me to relax my mind. When I have a lot of things going on in my mind or I have been running around a lot for work I really need some reading time. I am a huge book worm and am currently reading Origin by Dan Brown who is one of my favourite authors. I love reading about religion, science and murder and so far this book isn't disappointing. I have all of Dan Browns previous books and I like to read them because they imaginative and they take me away from my life and what is happening around me. Usually after an hour or two of reading i am whipped out and ready for bed and I usually sleep like a baby after one of these evenings.

I hope you have enjoyed learning about my current pamper nights. Writing this has made me really one a pamper night tonight and Sundays are the perfect night for these!

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  1. wow, loved this post! so detailed :D first of all I love the bath setup (although I hate baths haha) so for my papering, I'll just shower, then I'll do all my skincare stuff and a sheet mask and watch my favorite shows :D
    and I totally agree that you need to have clean fresh PJs for this haha

    xo Honey - blog Royal Lifestyle - Twitter - Instagram


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