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Pure Colour Collection | The Good, The Bad and The Wonderful!

Every since Newlook started selling their Pure Colour makeup range I have been hooked, I swore by the Kelly Brook nail polishes and mascara and then they reformulated their makeup and I fell even more in love. The reformulated version is called Pure Colour and my collection is rather large now...

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I have purchased loads of base products from Newlook over the months, my all time favourite is Mattifying Primer which is a really good primer for the price that it is. It really helps to make my foundation last longer and it gives me silky smooth skin which I love. I also have the Illuminating Primer which I am not as big a fan of as I don't think it changes how my skin looks that much, but as a primer it is still good. 

I have two types of foundations from the range, the first is the Liquid Foundation in the shade 03 Beige which I really like to wear on 'no makeup days' when I am lazy. It lasts on my face all day at work and blends in really nice with your fingers rather than a brush. I also have the Foundation and Contour Sticks in 01 Light  and 02 Medium. On my arm the Medium Foundation looks considerably darker then the Lighter shade but the difference isn't this large in real life. I like to use the light shade all over my face and then the medium shade to contour my cheeks and temples. 

Newlook, Pure colour, Makeup, collection,

One of the first products I purchased was the Liquid Concealer with the Liquid Foundation and compared to the quality of the foundation, the concealer didn't impress me at all. I don't like how it looks on my skin and I don't like blending it in either. It also doesn't hide anything which is its main job. That's enough of  a bad review, now onto my all time favourite product from the range, the Contour Palette!! I actually only use one shade in this palette but that one shade makes this palette my all time favourite. The contour shade is so perfect for my skin, it isn't too brown or too muddy looking which I find a lot of the time.

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Another of my favourite products from the range is the Highlighter Stick in 93 Gold. This is a gorgeous golden shimmer highlighter which blends in really easily and doesn't stick out on the skin. The Baked Power Highlighter is also an amazing product, it is more of a highlighter / bronzer with its golden brown pigment.

Newlook, Pure colour, Makeup, collection,

I have two eye products from the range as well, the Baked Eye shadow in 91 Bronze is amazing and super pigmented. I haven't had much use of the Waterproof Ink Liner but from trying it on my hand I can see it is long lasting as I can't get out off afterwards.

I have already given you two posts about the Pure Colour Lip Sticks before so I wont go into too much detail as you can read them both here Pure Lips #1 / Pure Lips #2. I also have some Matte Lipsticks from the range which I was really excited to try but they are just too matte for me and they dry my lips out too much which I am really disappointed about. The lip crayons on the other hand are so nourishing on the lips and leave a shiny smooth colour on my lips. 

Newlook, Pure colour, Makeup, collection,

My Collection is definitely a large one but for the price of the products you can't go wrong. Since I was only disappointed in two of the product I think that is a pretty good run. 

Have you tried any of the Pure Colour collection?
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