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January and February Birchboxes reviews

I have yet to review the products that I got in my January Birchbox so I thought I'd roll the two months together in a blogpost for you and tell you whether I would purchase the products myself. There are quite a few products so lets get started...

All the views I share of these products are based on my own preferences in products and my skin type, everyone's skin type and opinions are different, I'm just sharing my experiences with you :)

Januarys Products
Philip Kingsley moisture balancing conditioner £18
I liked this conditioner, it made my hair look really shinny and soft but its not completely amazing and I don't think I would buy a bottle for £18 when there are cheaper options that do the same like my favourite at the moment VO5.
Purchase myself? No

Benefit POREfessional primer £24.50
Well well well here we go, this is one product everyone and their mum raves about. Me... I don't see the hype myself. Controversial opinion I know. It might be because I don't have big pores, I might just be super strange but I don't think it is as amazing as everyone talks about. It does make my skin feel really soft I'll give it that.
Purchase myself? for the price it is and the results I've seen no

Blanc Cashemire Crème De Jour Protectrice £54.75
The smell of the cream is rather medical, its not something I'd think 'oo I want to rub that on my face' I also felt like the cream made my skin come off on my hand when I was rubbing it in, so that really put me off it. I think £55 is really overpriced for this average cream
Purchase myself? No

Lavera Basic Sensitive Hand Cream £4.45
First of all the smell of this is lovely! It is really fruity and reminds me of the Soap and Glory Candy Crush products, which I could just sit there and smell all day. For £4.45 it is not a bad hand cream at all, it dries quick on your hands so they aren't sticky afterwards and it does make them feel more smooth.
Purchase myself? Yes

Februarys Products
Beauty Protector Protect & Oil £16
This is a good hair oil that makes your hair shiny and soft. Compared to my £3 oil from body care there isn't much difference. The small bottle has lasted months with me and I haven't even made a dent in the bottle so I think that out of the two, I would probably go with the cheaper option.
Purchase myself? No
Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner £12
I was really excited to use this liquid eyeliner, I thought it would be long wearing and be good to use for drawing cat eyes but I think there are better ones on the market. This product hasn't change my opinion about liquid eyeliners.
Purchase myself? No
Urban Veda Radiance Exfoliating Facial Polish £8.99
For £9 I think this a good exfoliator, I can feel it working on my skin and I find it rough enough to actually do something to my skin. Facial scrubs are my favourite so this product is definitely up my street!
Purchase myself? Yes
Gilchrist and Soames The London Collection shower gel £13.75
Again like the hand cream the smell of this shower gel is amazing! Very fruity and refreshing first thing in the morning. Because the formation of the gel is really runny, a little bit goes a long way so after a few washes with the gel I have plenty left in this little pot.
Purchase myself? Hell yeah!
Leighton Denny Nail Colour £11
The colour of this nail vanish is really interesting, in some lights it grey, lilac, cream, silver... and the colour changes depending on the number of coats you put on. The coats didn't last long before they chipped but at my work, I am constantly using my hands moving clothes and moving bars so my hands get pretty beat up during the day, so I wasn't surprised it didn't last that long on me. On my next week off I will see how long it lasts when I'm not battering my hands on a daily basis
Purchase myself? Yes
I'm excited for next months box after going through my first two! :) 

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